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Buy Three Axis EMF Meters

(Tri-Field or Triple Axis EMF Meters and yes super sigh; ghost detector, ghost meter and ghost sensor)

Three axis, three times the data.  Learn more at our EMF Meters page, a must read!  

Different words, same meaning.  That is to say these meters all monitor the fields surrounding them on three axis.  Whether you call it Tri-Field, trifield, 3-axis, triaxial, three axis, triple axis, or selectable axis is completely dependent on the manufacturer and how their product is being marketed.  Are these tri-field EMF meters paranormal detectors or some sort of sensor for paranormal phenomena?  Be sure to check out our archived How To Ghost Hunting articles and Ghost Hunting Equipment List for up-to-date information on all of these tri-field EMF meter equipment.  In our ghost hunting articles we discus the loose terminology being tossed about such as Paranormal Sensor, Paranormal Detector, Ghost Detector or Ghost Meter to name only a few that make many paranormal investigators cringe.  Find out why and more in our free Articles section!  Of course each ghost hunter should make the final decision as only each ghost hunter knows how they plan on conducting their own ghost hunt!  However, if you would like our opinion on the best ghost hunting equipment, look for the following shaded boxes:

Items with this green background will have been featured on your favorite TV Ghost Shows!

Most economical introduction to this type of equipment.

More features, more data, more money.

Best; most features, most data, cutting edge!


Tri-Field Ghost Detector Kit
Make your own EMF Meter for ghost hunting
Tri Field Meter and
"Ghost" Detector Kit
Make no mistake this is a kit, and there is assembly required.  That being said we can't help but acknowledge that cool factor and the fact that it looks like something Dean Winchester would have put together.  Technically speaking any EM field meter that doesn't give an actual quantifiable number readout to the user of the field present is low on our respect list.  The cool points raise this up a few along with the selectable RF function, Electric function or Magnetic function.
Radex EMF Meter
Paranormal detector EMF Meter with datalogging pointsElectro Magnetic Detector/Monitor
The product listed here seems to fluctuate with its description potentially not being a tri-field meter so be sure to verify before purchase at that time what they are selling.
Alpha Labs Tri-Field
Tri-Field EMF Meter for paranormal detector investigating
Trifield 100XE EMF Meter
Can't go wrong with Alpha Labs meters.  We here at GetGhostGear have been using them since the 1990s with varying results.  Good to use these meters when you know what specific experiments you will be performing.
Tri-Field with Sound!
  Paranormal Sensor Tri-Field Alpha Labs EMF Meter with sound
Tri-Field EMF Meter with Sound
This is a very useful addition to the Alpha Labs Tri-Field EM field meters.  These are multifunction with selectable options giving you several meters for the price of one.
Classic Tri-Field Natural EM Field Meter
Tri-Field Natural EM paranormal detector EMF meter
Trifield Natural
EM Meter
Many of us at GetGhostGear still use these meters to this day for specific experiments at nearly every outing and investigation.  In theory these could be useful for the UFOlogist, the cryptozoologist along with the 'ghost hunter' or paranormal investigator.
Selectable Axis EMF Meter
Paranormal detector 3-Axis EMF Sensor Meter
RF EMF Strength Meter
I absolutely love the selectivity that the user gets to choose if they want to use 1, 2 or 3 axis of this meter's function.  That is a huge step forward for this meter lasting you a long time and through many different experiements.
Tri-Field AC Guassmeter
Triple Axis EMF Paranormal Detector
FW Bell 4180 AC Gaussmeter
A straight froward three axis electromagnetic field meter.  Not to intimidating, and not overflowing with extra features and functions.
Triple Axis EMF Meter
Ghost Hunting Paranormal Dector Triple Axis EMF Sensor with wand
Triple Axis EMF Tester with Probe
A three axis tri-field electromagnetic field meter that comes with the probe seen above.  As with any EMF meter the accuracy can begin to vary at the fringe levels of the manufacturer listed monitoring range.
Data Logging Tri-Field Meter
Paranormal Sensor Tri-field Ghost Hunting Meter
Data Logging Triple
Axis EMF Tester
Love, data logging meters.  The only thing better is when there is a computer interface option.  This three axis electromagnetic field meter allows for retaining data as you are in the field (or purported haunted location in our case) for further research and documentation later.
Advertisement Triaxial EMF Detector
Ghost Hunting EMF Meter Paranormal Detector
Triaxial 3 Axis EMF Detector
Another data logging electromagnetic field meter that monitors three different axis.  When you get to this point in your shopping start to compare the sampling rate of the meters, how much data they can record and what their monitoring range is along with + or - for accuracy.
Multipurpose EMF Meter
Paranormal sensor advanced EMF Meter
Magnetic Electric Meters ME 3830B
Now you are getting super serious and after you invest the time and energy on learning this new piece of equipment many more people (even those outside the paranormal field) will be able to take your research and investigation serious.  Why should you invest in this meter?  For starters it is basically 5 meters in 1 and costs the around the same price as many other EMF meters that do only a small fraction. Also it boosts a huge monitoring range of 5Hz - 100,000Hz along with a 98% accuracy rate!  Of course the EMF meters display is lit and it has several audible tones you set.
 Entry Level Meter EMF with RF
Advanced Paranormal Sensor EMF Meter for Paranormal Investigations
EMF Meter High Frequency RF Meter Deluxe
  Not to mention this thing is worth the money just for that super cool adapter antenna!  Seriously it looks like something Egon would have used.  This electromagnetic frequency meter has a target RF range of 800mHz-2,500mHz so make sure you have a specific theory in mind to test before you purchase.  This isn't Ghost Hunters meter, you're at a whole new level.
Electromagnetic Field Meter
Paranormal Sensor EMF Meter and Case
Magnetic Electric Meters Advanced
Three axis electromagnetic field meter that offers many other settings basically providing you with several (basically 5) meters in one hand!  This EM meter offers selectable filters for investigating specific theories along with a huge range of 5Hz - 400,000Hz!
Professional EMF Meter
Tri-Field EMF Meter Paranormal Sensor
Magnetic Electric Meters
EMF Analyzer
This is a very deluxe, super premeire electromagnetic field meter.  A super huge monitoring range (entire range shifts to the higher levels) and the insanely quick monitoring of 40,000 incoming data points per second! This will be an investment on your time and money.  But this meter, along with strict adherence to the scientific method will allow you to actually advance greater understandings of our environement one reported haunted house at a time.  The only question is are you ready to do real science?

If you don't see a particular piece of equipment here on, there's a good chance that we wouldn't recommend it for investigations into reported paranormal phenomena.  As you may have noticed we have stopped carrying the majority of equipment we once offered for sale.  While we still aim to continue providing unique content and resources for the paranormal researcher and investigator we are an evolving company.  The team here at is refocusing its efforts in new directions that we feel will make a greater and continued positive impact on the understanding of things less than fully understood. is currently talking with its manufacturers and industry contacts in hopes that we may offer product links from this site to theirs so the important research and investigation can continue fully outfitted.  Please check back often as we will be adding links directly to our suppliers so that you can still purchase the products we once carried but are no longer inventorying.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please check out our growing 'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table we have created to explain the shortcomings with many pieces of equipment currently popular with ghost hunters in the paranormal fields.

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Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  We see using the equipment listed on going something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.

While we finish compiling and authoring pieces specific to this topic check out what we've completed so far in the following opinion editorials by industry leaders.

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'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table

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The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

Many more to come

Required reading:

"European Journal of Parapsychology"
Volume 20.1, pages 65-78 ISSN: 0168-7263



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