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Ghost Hunting EMF Meters 103

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Opinion Editorial

by Noah Voss

Let's address another very serious question but one that is a bit more straight forward to answer.  Why should we want to monitor electromagnetic fields during investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena?  Why indeed!  Many theories abound, but we will focus on just one experimentally substantiated by Dr. Michael Persinger.  It only stands to reason that we would find ourselves discussing Dr. Persinger as many attribute his work in the 1970s and 1980s to beginning the craze of electromagnetic field meter use in the paranormal field.  Three axis analog DC emf meter for ghost hunting

Dr. Persinger has introduced over 900 people to specific and varying electromagnetic fields in his Canadian laboratory.  The results were revealing.  The majority of subjects reported spiritual experiences and what's more, labeled them what their specific cultural beliefs would allow.  Some of the terms used for the experience had or presences felt were ghosts, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Elijah, and Sky Spirits to name only a few.  While others in the study had "Freudian interpretations" such as describing the presences as their deceased relative.  Others still shared experiences that were strikingly similar to an alien abduction.  Now I'm not purposing this electromagnetic field interference with experiencers temporal lobe explain all reported paranormal occurrences.  I would however be forced by logic and science based investigative methods to consider this as one validated possibility. 

Three Axis Analog DC EMF Meter, Photography by Noah Voss

Earlier I said we would "focus on just one experimentally substantiated" theory regarding electromagnetic fields and any posited connection to reported paranormal phenomena.  In my experience of over two decades of research and well over one decade of investigations into the unknown I have never come across a theory as founded as Dr. Persinger's.  This is not to say his is complete, and or flawless.  Simply that he appears to have followed basic scientific protocols for his study and had reproducible data that back his hypotheses.  We simply do not have that quantative data anywhere else in the paranormal field.  What we do have is an abundance of subjective experiences, causing people to create randomized theories to explain barely qualified occurrences.  So then what about our electromagnetic field meter?

If you are going to claim use of your electromagnetic field meter during investigations into reported paranormal phenomena as a scientific tool, then in my opinion you have limited options of what you are looking for.  One of the blatantly obvious things you are not looking for, in the above established reality, is a reading on your electromagnetic field meter that would signify a ghost.  What you should be looking for against Dr. Persinger's work are electromagnetic fields arranged similar to those he was able to produce perceived paranormal experiences with.  Do you follow?  Basically if he can create the experience of a ghost in the mind of a man in the lab, we should be looking for those same electromagnetic fields in our reported haunted house. 

The best electromagnetic field meter for this currently is the Magnetic Anomaly Detection System (MADS).  This was primarily developed by Dr. Jason Braithwaite a cognitive psychologist and Maurice Townsend a long time paranormal researcher, physics student and IT professional.  This system consists in part of two high-speed digital fluxgate magnetometers attached to separate laptop computers.  It was designed specifically to test real world environments for similar electromagnetic field scenarios as Dr. Persinger's lab.  For those interested in learning more about MADS visit our Opinion Editorial titled MADS.  

Single axis digital emf meter for ghost hunting

Single Axis Digital EMF Meter, Photography by Noah Voss

So where does that leave us with all of the electromagnetic field meters we already have in our investigation cases?  It is debatable that you could also be looking for electromagnetic field readings that are outside the safe ranges of exposure for humans.  The potential or possible health concerns are discussed back in electromagnetic field Meters 102, in slightly greater detail.  These "unsafe" ranges can also effect the human body in a manner that could be interpreted by experiencers as paranormal.  However that is for another op ed.  For now, don't throw out your old electromagnetic field meter yet.  There are still a myriad of uses for them.  However, as eluded to above the uses may not be what you thought they were.  I started putting together an electromagnetic field meter Comparison Table with some of the folks at P.I.R.O. showing where some electromagnetic field meters rate in our opinion.             

Next Recommended Op Ed - The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

*ElectroMagnetic Field Meters - *EMF meters.  No accidental typos here, it should be stated that the SI (International Standards) that oversees official unites of measurements will hold "EMF" as an acronym for "electro motive force."

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Anyone out there reading this?  We eagerly await any feedback!  Share your thoughts, long or short, agreeing or disagreeing:  Simply put the page title in the Emails subject line!


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