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Single Axis EMF Meters

(sigh...ghost detector, ghost meter and ghost sensor)

Read why you might want a three axis (Tri-Field meter) instead at the EMF Meters page.  

Are you a ghost hunter looking for a ghost detector for your next ghost hunt?  If so be sure to check out our archived How To Ghost Hunting articles and Ghost Hunting Equipment List for up-to-date information on all of this equipment and more including a new way to look at a ghost meter or ghost sensor!  Of course each ghost hunter should make the final decision as only each ghost hunter knows how they plan on conducting their own ghost hunt!  However, if you would like our opinion on the best ghost hunting equipment as far as single axis EMF meters go, look for the following shaded boxes:

Items with this green background will have been featured on your favorite TV Ghost Shows!

Most economical introduction to this type of equipment.

More features, more data, more money.

Best; most features, most data, cutting edge!


E.L.F Zone Meter
E.L.F. Zone Gaussmeter Ghost Detector
E.L.F. Zone Gaussmeter
A ghost detector for ghost hunters?  Well it is a simple single axis electromagnetic field meter (EMF) anyway.  Uses three different colored LEDs to let the user know the general range of the field present but does not offer any precise readings for further study or quantified experimentation.
The Ghost Meter
The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor
The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor
Advertised as a bit of a ghost sensor but remains a straight forward single axis electromagnetic field meter that uses a needle to show the generic field reading to the ghost hunter.
Ghost Meter Pro
The Ghost Meter Pro Ghost Detector
The Ghost Meter Pro EMF Sensor
Marketed as a professional ghost detector this remains no more than a single axis electromagnetic field (EMF) meter.  Uses a needle to show the general range of the EM field present to the observant ghost hunter.  This 'pro' version has been popularized by many ghost hunting TV shows.
Cell Sensor
Cell Sensor EMF Ghost Meter
Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter
The original cell sensor uses a single axis electromagnetic field sensor to show the simple range of the EM field.  This model adds the nice feature of a probe, though still single axis.
KII Meter
KII EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting
K-II EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting
I still remember having to import the original K meter from Germany more than a decade ago.  I have sense found much better results with the three axis data-logging EM field meters.  If you have your heart set on this then by all means check it out and the three versions we showcase.
KII Meter w/Manual
KII EMF Ghost Meter Deluxe with Paranormal Users Manual
K-II EMF Meter Deluxe Paranormal Use Manual
A single axis electromagnetic field meter (EMF Meter) that comes with a short printed manual on how to apply the meter to 'ghost hunts' though I am not familiar with the author.
KII Meter CD Manual
KII Ghost Hunting EMF Ghost Sensor Paranormal CD Manual
K2 EMF Meter And Paranormal CD
A simple electromagnetic field meter (EMF Meter) that illuminates different colored LEDs to indicate a generic range of the EM field present.  This one comes with the CD that has a digital manual on how to use the K2 meter on ghost hunts.  The author of the manual is not listed.
Gauss Master Meter
Ghost Hunters Gauss Master EMF Ghost Meter
GaussMaster Ghost Hunting Meter
The Gauss Master Meter has been around for awhile.  Compared to the previous 'EMF' meters on this page it begins to show some slight additional data depending on where the needle points.  A single axis electromagnetic field meter that has been used by ghost hunters for more than a decade with varying results.
Single Axis EMF
Cheap EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting
Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMF Meter Tester
A digital electromagnetic field meter (EMF).  Stepping up to the digital EM meter allows you additionally efficient documenting of the precise reading being displayed.
Popular EMF MeterDigital EMF Meter Wide Range
Digital EMF Meter Wide Range, High Resolution
Another digital electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that has additional settings over previous meters.
EMF Meter with Light!
Digital EMF Meter with Backlight
Back Lit EMF Meter
Same as the electromagnetic field meter to the left (<<<<) but with the very appreciated illuminated display.  Single axis EM meter used by many ghost hunters around the world.
Single Axis EMF with Data-logging
Single Axis Digital EMF Ghost Meter
Electromagnetic Field Radiation Level Tester
I've used this single axis electromagnetic field meter for more than a decade during specific experiments that required a single axis (though mine has a computer interface that I'm still searching for a manufacturer to offer that to you).  It has additional features including a hold button and some datalogging capabilities!  This is a smart step in the right direction over any of the previous single axis meters listed.
Mel Meter Green Light
Mel 8704 Meter Paranormal Instrument with light and thermometer
Mel-8704 Paranormal Instrument
While we love the mel meter for including several different features or meters into one unit, we wish they had more data-logging and three axis measurement options.  This one is green lit.
Mel Meter 8704r
Mel 8704r Paranormal Instrument
Mel Meter 8704R Ghost Hunting 3in1
The very popular multifunction ghost hunting meter that you see on Ghost Hunting TV shows everywhere.  This one uses a k-type probe which is great, and comes in a red lit option.
Advertisement Mel Meter Red Pro
Mel 8704 Pro Navigator Paranormal 3 in 1 Meter
Mel 8704 ProNavigator Ghost Meter
You've likely seen these on TV while watching your favorite ghost hunters show.  The flashlight feature, the red display the single axis electromagnetic field monitor and other tools are built right into or onto this ghost hunting meter.
Selectable 1, 2 or 3 Axis!
3.5Ghz EMF Strength Meter Ghost Hunting Equipment
RF EMF Strength Meter
electable axis measurements!  This is a great way to get into a single axis meter that gives you a true back lit display for all those dark ghost hunts.  I love the option as you learn more to have your electromagnetic field meter grow with you by just switching on this meters other axis to get far more accurate electromagnetic data on your ghost hunting sites.
Advertise Here Deluxe EMF Meter
Deluxe EMF Meter for Paranormal Research
EMF Meter 2 in 1 Ghost Hunting Tool
Inventory of this single axis electromagnetic field meter does fluxuate so be sure to pick one up when they are available!  Has a great ghost hunter (user) interface as far as the display goes offering a color range and an exact EM reading.  Also an RF Meter all in one!

If you don't see a particular piece of equipment here on, there's a good chance that we wouldn't recommend it for investigations into reported paranormal phenomena.  As you may have noticed we have stopped carrying the majority of equipment we once offered for sale.  While we still aim to continue providing unique content and resources for the paranormal researcher and investigator we are an evolving company.  The team here at is refocusing its efforts in new directions that we feel will make a greater and continued positive impact on the understanding of things less than fully understood. is currently talking with its manufacturers and industry contacts in hopes that we may offer product links from this site to theirs so the important research and investigation can continue fully outfitted.  Please check back often as we will be adding links directly to our suppliers so that you can still purchase the products we once carried but are no longer inventorying.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please check out our growing 'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table we have created to explain the shortcomings with many pieces of equipment currently popular with ghost hunters in the paranormal fields.

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Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  We see using the equipment listed on going something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.

While we finish compiling and authoring pieces specific to this topic check out what we've completed so far in the following opinion editorials by industry leaders.

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'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table

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EMF Meters 103

The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

Many more to come

Required reading:

"European Journal of Parapsychology"
Volume 20.1, pages 65-78 ISSN: 0168-7263



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