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EMF Meter- Ghost hunters are beginning to understand that an EMF meter or Electromagnetic Field (electro motive force discussed in greater detail later in the EMF Meters 101 series by Noah Voss) meter reads the level of electromagnetic fields.  Ghost hunters, pay attention please, this is important.  An electromagnetic field according toTwo analog AC emf meters for ghost hunting is "a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The field can be viewed as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents); these two are often described as the sources of the field. 'Voltage' simply put is the driving force that pushes the current around creating a 'magnetic field'.  Ghost hunting is not as simple as, a specific number means there's a ghost around.  No, sorry. Keep reading and follow the links to begin to hopefully learn more about an extremely complex area of study. 


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Where as 'current' is the flow of electrons around the circuit (circuit being whatever is carrying power in the form of electricity simply put usually a wire) forming an electromagnetic field in the process.  An electric field could be found around something such as a detached capacitor or traditional battery.  Ironically these last two examples begin to deal with the physics term EMF, meaning electro motive force. 


EMF standing for electro motive force is often used by electrical engineers, among many others.  Electro motive force or EMF represents a complex potential that electricity can have in many things such as batteries and circuits.  Whatever exactly electro motive force all encompasses is thankfully irrelevant at this juncture.  You will still see EMF used occasionally on due to the fact "EMF" is what a great number of people are still using to search on the Internet when looking for equipment to use during investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena.  That means we need to keep EMF around in part otherwise people wouldn't find this website and without them finding this website...well you get the picture.  The same goes with "ghost hunting" instead of the preferred title "paranormal investigator" but don't even get us started on how it probably should read "researchers investigating reports of paranormal phenomena" or something to that effect.


Before we can get to the inside of the electromagnetic field meter, we must understand what's happening outside.  We can go back to 1873 when James Maxwell published his Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism.  Thanks in part to this we learned four chief rules backed by experimental findings regarding the interactions between positive and negative charges.  The portion of the one finding that we need to focus on now is that "a current is induced in a loop of wire when it is moved towards or away from a magnetic field..."  Ah ha!  This brings us to answering "how does an electromagnetic field meter detect an electromagnetic field?".  Well at least a magnetic field meter.  The engineers of most electromagnetic field meters place a piece of steel, wrapped in a copper wire inside the meter.  This wire is then attached to an electronic device that is either programmed or known to respond in an exacting and measurable way to this induced current (induced current=electricity created in the copper wire by the electromagnetic field as originally discovered by James Maxwell in 1873).  This device (device is now commonly a computer chip/board) then interprets the current (remember current=moving electricity) and gives some form of feedback to the user as to the electromagnetic fields.

We will begin to dissect this complex ghost hunting EMF issue in the following opinion editorials below.    


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Definition- Paranormal Investigator


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Definition- Paranormal Investigator



We will continually be adding information to the above item as resources permit.  We have started creating some additional knowledge centers on paranormal investigating equipment in general and for the EMF meter.  We have included some links below to start you on your way.  The EMF topic is just to big to capsulate into one single page.  Below are some editorials that range from our personal rants on industry issues, to more scholarly scientific journal type entries, to that of a simple opinion editorial.  We highly recommend that you start at the top and finish in that order at the bottom!  Enjoy:


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*ElectroMagnetic Field Meters - *EMF meters.  No accidental typos here, it should be stated that the SI (International Standards) that oversees official unites of measurements will hold "EMF" as an acronym for "electro motive force."


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