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If you have some information related to any possible paranormal topic and feel like sharing it with please send us an e-mail.  Whether you have a newspaper clipping of a local paranormal story, a personal experience with something unusually abnormal or even a video of your own investigations or area news broadcast recorded we at are interested.  We can not return sent items so please contact us before sending your only copy, especially original work.  If e-mail is not the ideal means of sending us your story contact us and we can arrange other means.  Here we have another segregated way that you could send us your information, . 


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The Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization


If you would like to contact P.I.R.O. with any possible paranormal situations you may be encountering please feel free.  Established in the 1990s, P.I.R.O. is here to answer confidential questions, set up scientific investigations or to place you in touch with a qualified professional should we feel P.I.R.O. would not be best suited to help your specific situation.



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