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Thank you for visiting our Superstore! We provide reliable, safe online shopping 24 hours a day 7 days a week around the world!

Here at we are continually improving our quality online paranormal investigating equipment super store.  We are very proud of the fact we've been in business, offering great deals on ghost hunting equipment for over a decade now.  We only considered going into business after decades of personal and professional research and investigation into the paranormal.  Before that we were busily traveling the world, learning from the renowned leaders in the field, including those that held actual college degrees in parapsychology - the real ghost hunters.

With over 4,000 paranormal published pages on the Internet, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of research, investigation, techniques, and theories.  Just some of our more popular sites are where we have posted over 1,000 reports on the worlds UFO phenomena along with keeping the running all things odd, now since it was first published in 1997.  Noah Voss, founder of Enterprises and author has been researching and investigating a wide variety of paranormal phenomena for decades  (some of his adventures here Back Roads Lore and in The Legend Trippers Journal ).

Noah and his team at regularly average 20 states a year in their travels, as well as international destinations.  Even though the URL and company name are we challenge ourselves to specialize in many if not all facets of any paranormal field.  Whether you prefer devoting your time to ghost hunting, UFO research and investigation, cryptozoology, demonology, cereology, are a practicing Wiccan or interested in feng shui and anything in between we are striving to collect the best equipment for you to investigate your interests further. 

UPDATE: We have moved away from inventory and manufacture based products on our website  Sadly it was a choice of necessity. After being in business for over a decade and the first of it's kind in the world, we had two choices.  Either close for good, or move towards an affiliate and referral based product line.  After looking at the other paranormal investigating equipment outfitter stores, and the proliferation of 'ghost hunting' stores following in our footsteps, we decided there was still much good we could do. 

We sincerely, hope that our past and loyal customer will continue to be served well by our product line and information.  We will still be upholding all warranties, servicing of equipment, and returns from our original inventoried orders should anything along those lines be needed.


The Enterprises Team

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Ghost hunting equipment store, logo. Enterprises Enterprises is a company comprised of a group of people who are many things to many people.  However one thing is the same across the board, we are all interested in the paranormal to different levels and in different areas.  Many of you ask what the "Enterprises" part of is.  Let me take a moment here and attempt to clarify that. is a 'parent' company of several other endeavors that help to ensure we stay current and cutting edge on as many different fields of the paranormal industry as possible. Currently we host over 4,000 paranormal published pages on the Internet.  You can read about some of our endeavors below. 


The online since 1997

The Posting the paranormal since 1997!  Here our company's geographical location allows us to economically research and investigate the area surrounding our headquarters in Wisconsin.  At The we have been compiling and categorizing paranormal happenings for several decades now.  We have been placing them on the for the world to use hopefully as an aid to further their understanding, research and investigation of Wisconsin area anomalies since 1997.  Now home to the ever popular The Legend Trippers Journal, where you can read about the adventures had by the crew from as they explore the world! logo Enterprises is currently headquartered out of the United States of America in the state of Wisconsin. has two goals: to further the awareness of the UFO phenomenon and to track the UFOs in the Wisconsin skies.  At, you can report a UFO with our easy online UFO reporting form, view our free UFO reports database of over 1,000 reports (both recent and archived UFO reports), get the latest on UFO news, see UFO pictures & videos, find local UFO groups and hangouts, learn about UFO's in Wisconsin, and more, all in one place!  Founder of Noah Voss is also the acting Director of UFOwisconsin and author of the book "UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report."


Totally Confused Productions is a film company that started in the early 1990's producing aggressive inline skating videos under the name Angel Productions.  This was again a group of people with like interest and skills.  They were attempting to utilize their talents to the fullest extent which included producing local skating videos that aided in furthering their budding careers as professional athletes.  Shortly after the founding of this production company they began taking their talents as paranormal enthusiasts and pairing them with their cinematic eyes.  Totally Confused Productions has plans to release for streaming and for DVD sale several of their short films that until now were available only to a select and smaller market. 

Just some of the people behind


Noah Voss (some of his adventures here in The Legend Trippers Journal)

Founder Enterprises

Noah Voss may be best known for advancing the use of scientific equipment during investigations into reports of the paranormal.  Through, he was first in the world to exclusively offer paranormal investigating equipment for sale in an online store.  Noah keeps busy running his numerous websites such as online since 1997.


Beyond publishing over 4,000 paranormal web pages, Noah authored UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report in 2008 detailing over 100 reports of UFOs in a non-fiction, Wisconsin based book published by Unexplained Research Publishing Company.  In 2011 Noah authored Mysterious Madison – Unsolved Crimes, Strange Creatures & Bizarre Happenstance published by The History Press.  Noah has worked with such companies as the History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, The CW Network, Triage Entertainment, and Lions Gate Films on projects ranging from UFO documentaries and Paranormal programs staring the likes of Dan Aykroyd, and William Shatner to ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth.  Noah has appeared in print, on radio, or through televisions in over 40 countries. 

 Noah Voss, 2011.

Traveling through most all states in America, along the way; researching ghostly St. Augustine Florida, investigating the mysterious Winchester Mansion in California, going for the gone at The Bennington Black Hole in Vermont, haunted highways in Hawaii, looking for Bessie in Lake Erie, trying to get lost in The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, scanning for flying saucers on the summit of Mt. Saint Helens, werewolves in Wisconsin, ghosts of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, the Historic Bullock Hotel of wild-west Deadwood, the mystery Paulding Lights of Michigan, looking for what went wrong in Salem Massachusetts, prying for Pepie in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi, flying through the Bermuda Triangle, Voodoo in Jamaica, UFOs in Mexico, and searching for Sasquatch in British Columbia. 


Noah's had the opportunity of working with: 

The History Channel featuring Cryptozoologist Noah Voss     The CW Network featuring Paranormal Investigator Noah Voss     ABC Family featuring Paranormal Investigator Noah Voss     The SciFi Channel featuring Ghost Hunting Noah Voss                    

The Unexplained Conference featuring KeyNote Speaker Noah Voss

Since 1995



2009: As things often do, they change.  Myself included.  My experiences over the last two decades in the paranormal field have been graciously varied.  I've had the good fortune to research and investigate reported paranormal phenomena in nearly every state in America, and numerous international locations.  Along the way I have worked side by side countless other researchers and investigators from around the world.  Spoken to thousands of experiencers of unexplained phenomena, and worked with dozens of film directors, plentiful television producers, along with so many production companies I've lost count.  Now I want to be clear on this next point, it is not "in the end" but rather, "at this point in time" I have a changed,  clearer if not more complex perception of not only my reality but many, many other peoples.  I meant the words written below back in 2000, and feel to this day that they were the correct path for the reality at that point in time, but that was nine years ago.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not the only one to have had some experience in this field, as much as the fact that I am not the only thing that has changed.  The field of study commonly categorized under paranormal has evolved into a nearly unrecognizable creature from only a decade past.  As I see it there are two chief causes, the television show "Ghost Hunters" and some experimental data obtained by Jason J. Braithwaite.  I'll save the perceived versus provable affects that Ghost Hunters has had on television for a blog or opinion editorial.  The second cause however brief my words, I feel the truth is obvious to any logic driven mind.  What Dr. Braithwaite revealed was the quantifiable potential connection between real-world perceived paranormal phenomena and what another Dr. by the name of Persinger was creating in the lab.  This was basically the first time experimental data obtained in a reputed 'haunted' location was shown to have the proven potential for causing the perceived paranormal phenomena.  This was scientifically backed data obtained in a lab, and then found in a real-world 'haunted' location.  All the pieces had been their for some time, however as technology advanced it became increasingly a more approachable real-world setting of an issue to tackle.  The mystery is far from over, and there still lays in wait many unknowns.  Even the experimental data obtained by Dr. Braithwaite is far from conclusive or irrefutable in logically explaining every reported paranormal experience.  However it does take a huge step forward in the field of understanding and breaking ground for how we could utilize our limited resources moving forward in the investigation of paranormal phenomena.  There is a time and place for all of the equipment that we have carried on in the last decade.  Looking ahead, I still aim to help increase the understanding of not only reported paranormal phenomena but indeed in as many aspects of our reality as possible.    

What I wrote back in 2000: How to put into words a life long passion? How do I explain all my desires and wants for the paranormal field? How can I write it so all that may pass by it understand it as much as I feel it? And what is “it” any way? So I feel that for the paranormal sciences to continue and evolve into a further respected and deeper understood field those doing the research and investigating at this time need more and better recourses made available to them. I don’t mean to exclude any one field of interest for those of you out there not considering their interest under the classification of “paranormal sciences” but for the lack of better words or categorization at the moment we’ll go with that. My aim is to help better the science as a whole by giving a one-stop shopping and knowledge base area for those with like interest and hopefully unlike ideas. I am looking to give the person who is going out into the wilderness to track big foot, chupacabra, or anything they may fancy deserving enough for their time all the equipment they might possibly need to do there seeking in a professional, safe and scientific manner. The same applies for any gazing into the heavens for things less than identified or those quite literally getting their feet wet with the local legend of choice. Whether you may be chasing a phantom down your local bike trail or need the right supplies for your own organization we will strive to have the best equipment made available to you.  Well I guess that’s how I’m going to tell you about “it”. At least that is how I will start…


Sean Bindley Paranormal Investigator Sean Bindley

Executive Enterprises

Sean Bindley was instrumental in the initial establishment of the world’s first ‘ghost hunting’ store;  Since then Sean has conducted countless investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena throughout the Midwest from the windigo filled woods of northern Minnesota, the infamous Summerwind mansion in Wisconsin, to the chupacabra’s crowded countryside of Texas.  Sean was the intermittent traveling MC for the Unexplained Conferences; America’s longest running paranormal conference since 1995.  Sean’s exploits into things less than explained have been featured on AM and FM radio programming, as well as multiple newspaper articles. 

Sean Bindley, 2011. Legend Trippers Journal Photograph.

Sean's had the opportunity of working with:  

The Unexplained Conference featuring traveling MC Sean Bindley

Since 1995


The Middleton Tribune



Ghosts, witchcraft, UFO’s, and things that go bump in the night. Do these things really exist? Are they just a figment of our imagination, maybe a bedtime story our parents told us, or something that we have heard about sitting around a campfire. Whatever it is to you, it is a lifelong passion for me. Something that I have worked many hours investigating and studying to see if there really is something more out there. My opinion, yes there is. We are here to provide everybody who wants to answer their own questions by providing them with the proper equipment and attire to do so. We believe that you don’t have to be a seasoned ghost hunter to go out and investigate. If you are a first timer who doesn’t know where to start or what equipment you need, we hope to provide you with the answers to your questions. Granted we are not experts on everything, but we will try to provide you with information that might help you find what you are looking for. Like I said in the opening, I truly believe there is more out there than what people perceive and will continue to study and investigate this phenomena. The only question is will you? We will help.  


Kevin Nelson

Equipment Theory, Practice, & Development Enterprises.

Kevin Lee Nelson is a paranormal investigator, occult researcher, and contemporary warlock.  He has investigated hauntings on ABC's Scariest Places on Earth, searched for werewolves on Discovery Channel's Mystery Hunters, and tracked vampirism in America on Discovery Channel's Travelers.  He has also been a guest on The Unexplained Radio Show.  Kevin is co-creator of a Midwestern network of paranormal researchers who investigate alleged hauntings, psychical claims, occult mysteries, unknown creature sightings, and other anomalous phenomena.  His personal mission is to seek out, record, and preserve our rich heritage of urban legends and modern folklore. 

Kevin Lee Nelson, 2011.

Kevin's had the opportunity of working with:  

     The CW Network featuring Paranormal Investigator Kevin Lee Nelson    The History Channel featuring Cryptozoologist Kevin Lee Nelson    ABC Family featuring Paranormal Investigator Kevin Lee Nelson   

The Unexplained Conference featuring KeyNote Speaker Kevin Nelson

Since 1995



I’m often asked: "What is paranormal phenomena? What is a ghost? Is psychical phenomena real? What are these odd and peculiar events?" These questions have been asked since the dawn of time. It's nothing new, yet the questions remain. There’s little doubt unexplained phenomena happens around us, but personally I find more interesting "why" these things occur rather than "what" they are. The later usually depends on one’s religion or philosophy and therefore is a very subjective experience. I’ve witnessed multiple people viewing the same phenomena who later had very different ideas of what they saw. This is one reason I believe in multiple approaches to investigating this unusual phenomena, from the scientific to the mystical. Therefore I think any tool is worth exploring, whether it’s a highly sensitive scientific instrument or something more traditional like dowsing rods. The truth of the matter is, no one knows how to detect or measure paranormal phenomena – yet, but we’re sure going to try! Our goal is simple -- to increase our understanding.


John Albrecht

Executive Enterprises

John has been a long time adventurer with Enterprises and The Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization (P.I.R.O.).  Since the 1990s John has thrown himself into searching for everything from werewolves to UFOs to ghosts. 



So often we get the question at “So what exactly do you guys do, go looking for little green men.” I usually respond “something like that.” Obviously to see an alien standing in front of a huge spaceship with blinking lights would be OK by us, but I would say what we basically do on our investigations is notice the obscure. That “something” that most people walk by without even a passing thought. We attempt to notice that, and use it as pieces in a relatively large puzzle. So to answer the second most popular question I get asked “Ever turn anything up?” I reply: “We’ve turned everything  up.”


UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by Noah Voss

Ghost Towns


Kecksburg UFOs!


Gravity Hills


Salem Witches?

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The Legend Trippers Journal

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