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Ghost Hunting EMF Meters 102

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Opinion Editorial


by Noah Voss

As we start this opinion editorial 102, I'll assume that you have already progressed through the first two 'required' readings, Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101, and EMF Meters 101.  To review, we have established what we are using (scientific) paranormal investigating equipment for, and one main reason we are monitoring electromagnetic fields in our investigation location.  In this op ed we will discuss the second reason we might want to be monitoring electromagnetic fields during our investigations.  EMF meter used for ghost hunting

Health.  That is our second reason.  Besides, without health apparently we can't have wealth and happiness.  In case you're keeping track, neither the first or second reason for using an electromagnetic field meter on a paranormal investigation is to detect ghosts.  Electromagnetic fields do have known and provable affects on humans at a cellular level also known as the electromagnetic bioeffect.  How these affects manifest in humans may not be fully understood or agreed upon. 

Three Axis Analog EMF Meter with LEDs for sale, Photography by Noah Voss

There is much literature on the Internet touting the claims of numerous health issues related to exorbitant exposure to electromagnetic fields.  At this time it appears the affects of these high electromagnetic fields can manifest in a myriad of ways; whether an unusual feeling too that of adverse health complications.  So whether or not you are investigating a psychic vampire or the woman who claims the CIA is shooting voices into her head (both cases I've had by the way), you could benefit because those living at or visiting the investigation location can benefit from knowing they are surrounded by unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields.  That includes the currently popular "Ghost Hunt." 

So what is an exorbitant or unhealthy level of electromagnetic field?  That very specifically depends on who you ask.  The United States Government has yet to lay down specific regulations concerning the general public.  The question shouldn't really be stated as a specific frequency either, but rather a time weighted exposure.  What this means more directly is how long the particular agency recommends you not be exposed to electromagnetic fields.  The worlds organizations that monitor such potential health risks give guidelines by placing time limits to certain ranges of electromagnetic fields. 

The United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) would be one entity releasing guidelines or at least advising lawmakers here in the U.S.  They have released "cautionary advisories" for work place levels.  These professionals in the "work place" can be exposed to many thousands or tens of thousands times stronger electromagnetic fields than the average American household normally contains.  At the time of writing this op ed, the general global recommendations seem to fall approximately at an exposure limit of 30 minutes for the public around electromagnetic fields reading 0 Hz to 300 GHz in field strength. 

Again as I write this op ed, if your occupation has you working in and around equipment emanating electromagnetic fields, your level of exposure is recommended to be at 6 minutes apposed to the publics 30 minutes.  The recommendations go further to take the mass of said object receiving the electromagnetic field.  Typically worded "1 gram of tissue volume" for a certain amount of time.  The time exposure does vary some for different countries or organizations depending on if it is whole body or extremity.  If you can remember the average electromagnetic field range used of 0 Hz to 300 GHz and the average 30 minutes, you are at least on your way to a greater understanding of your environment.  In my research I've found the following to help illuminate the complexity of determining a safe amount or unhealthy amount of electromagnetic field exposure, "Examples of proposed exposure metrics include: the average field intensity over a period of time, time spent in the field over some threshold value, field variability, the presence of switching transients on the field waveform, time in the day-night cycle when exposure is received, and the strength and direction of the earth's geomagnetic field in relation to the power frequency field. Until the mechanisms by which electromagnetic fields interact with biologic systems are better understood, these questions cannot be answered, and a fully valid risk assessment will not be possible."  This quote was taken from a wonderfully balanced and cited paper that can be found at (  The article is titled "Possible Biological Effects of electromagnetic fields Associated with Electric Power Systems" and is written by Charles M. Keen.  If you use an electromagnetic field meter the entire piece gets a must read recommendation from me.  Ghost hunting emf meter

Three Axis Analog DC EMF Meter for sale, Photography by Noah Voss

So what readings on our electromagnetic field meters are we supposed to be concerned with?  Well again that depends on who you are using as a resource.  Let's not forget the very complex situation we are dealing with as very nicely stated by Mr. Keen above.  However if you are of the mindset that it is better to be safe than sorry, and in this case, work with people in minimizing their home exposure levels of electromagnetic fields even if we find at a later time and date that it wasn't warranted (though it really is looking to be one important variable in numerous health issues) then we can move forward.  There is no magic number to look for.  I think the main goal is to minimize exposure.  The popular methods seem to be monitoring locations in residential homes where persons spend the majority of their time.  Typically we can easily identify these locations as their sleeping location (bed in bedroom), seating arrangements in television room, and chairs located in front of computers.  So back to the main question right, what numbers do we want to look for on our electromagnetic field meters?  Zero.  That is the overly succinct answer.  We want people to be located in as week of an electromagnetic field for as long as possible, at least that's the current understanding. 

Here in the U.S. the standard household has their electricity moving through their house at 60 Hz.  In my travels, many organizations average the electromagnetic field emanating from 60Hz (Hertz) at .5 mG (Mili Gauss).  Even the levels and recommendations mentioned here are a subject of great debate among experts.  The organizations that currently take a stand with "recommendations" seem to always state that there is a limited amount of research completed in the health assessment and potential risk of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.  I personally tend to concur, however I also tend to error on the safe side of things.  Even with that perspective, in my numerous professions I have been exposed to electromagnetic fields significantly above the recommended safe weighted averages.  Time will tell if I personally will be affected with any long term aliments, though I would question if our medical science will be able to appreciate the complete cause of potentially complex ailments in my lifetime. 

The next, EMF Meters 103, gives us a menu straight from a scientific lab out of Canada and possibly a glimpse of God.

This op ed is in no way to be considered a complete resource for health or risk assessment when considering electromagnetic fields.  For further reading and resources we highly recommend due diligence.  Don't take our word for it, please visit and or contact the following places:

      Note “Recommended Practice for RF Safety Programs C 95.7-2005”

Next Recommended Op Ed - EMF Meters 103

*ElectroMagnetic Field Meters - *EMF meters.  No accidental typos here, it should be stated that the SI (International Standards) that oversees official unites of measurements will hold "EMF" as an acronym for "electro motive force."

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