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Ghost Hunting SLR Cameras

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SLR Camera- The bottom price range for this style of camera normally starts where the 35mm leaves off.  This can make it restrictive for the general ghost hunter.  Choosing a quality name brand is a good idea for a better chance at a unit with quality parts throughout as well as preparing for the eventual add-ons.  Starting withSLR cameras in digital or 35mm for ghost hunting a respected name brand gives you time to build onto your SLR with a multitude of specialty lenses, filters, flashes and adapters galore.  For the most part this isn't one of the higher priority items that we would recommend for ghost hunting.  While it would certainly help you capture some great shots on your next vacation, this is a higher quality, higher function 35mm camera.  If you can afford it, pick one up and your ghost hunting photographs will be that much better. 


SLR cameras for ghost hunting are great, either digital or 35mm!


One can play around with the different options that SLR camera’s give such as setting the length of time you want the aperture open exposing the film to the light for an extended period of time.  Your film options are basically the same as a 35mm camera.  Different brands, speeds, color, black and white, and infrared are the usual.  As far as brands go we have personally used many and not noticed a distinct difference.  Please see 35mm Film for additional thoughts on the film. 


With the new options and abilities of digital cameras the SLRs market is constricting to the professionals who desire the control.  Though if you love digital and SLR, there are Digital SLR cameras that we won't get into today.  Basically you have the features of both styles of cameras in one expensive unit. 


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We will continually be adding information to the above item as resources permit.  We have started creating some additional knowledge centers on paranormal investigating equipment in general and for the EMF meter.  We have included some links below to start you on your way.  The EMF topic is just to big to capsulate into one single page.  Below are some editorials that range from our personal rants on industry issues, to more scholarly scientific journal type entries, to that of a simple opinion editorial.  We highly recommend that you start at the top and finish in that order at the bottom!  Enjoy:


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