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35mm Ghost Hunting Cameras

Ghost hunters, be sure to check out our extensive 35mm ghost hunting cameras information page.


35mm ghost hunting cameras are nearly a necessity for ghost hunters.  Curious about how to apply 35mm cameras to your next ghost hunt?  Check out our op eds and knowledge center of huge archived articles all for free!


Be sure to check out our archived How To Ghost Hunting articles and Ghost Hunting Equipment List for up-to-date information on all of this equipment and more!  Of course each ghost hunter should make the final decision as only each ghost hunter knows how they plan on ghost hunting!  However if you would like our opinion on the best ghost hunting equipment, look for the following shaded boxes:

Items with this green background will have been featured on your favorite TV Ghost Shows!

Most economical introduction to this type of equipment.

More features, more data, more money.

Best; most features, most data, cutting edge!


Perfect for

ghost hunting!


Purchase Camera



Great view,

super tall! 80"!!

Great perspectives

for ghost hunting.









Perfect for

ghost hunting

in any condition!



Waterproof your

current camera! 



Body only,

No lens!





Feature rich

for ghost hunting!


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Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  Using the scientific equipment listed on should go something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.

Required reading:

"European Journal of Parapsychology"
Volume 20.1, pages 65-78 ISSN: 0168-7263




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