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Digital Camera- The advent of digital cameras and their inevitable inclusion in anything you buy helps the avid ghost hunter.  Also most ghost hunters will find it a bit easier for them to use them.  Like the afore mentioned 35mm and SLR cameras that convert light intensities into images on light sensitive film, digital cameras electronically convert light intensities into numbers that are stored in a device such as internal memory or removable flash disk.  Digital cameras for ghost huntingWe highly recommend that any ghost hunting investigation be  documented with digital cameras also be supplemented as resources allow with film based cameras. 


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Digital cameras have features galore for ghost hunters.  We're getting tired of re-writing editorials on digital camera technology as it continues to evolve and change in price.  With that thought we will leave you to search the net and easily come up with more than enough current content.  What those editorials won't tell you is how best to apply the technology to ghost hunting.  This we can discuss. 


Cameras can only reveal what their technology is able to acquire.  This comes into great importance when ghost hunters zoom in on their photograph (image).  Over the last decade this issue has been address by many manufacturers and is less an issue today as apposed to the late 1990s.  Typically the claim is made that the ghost hunter in this situation is looking for clues.  This research quickly leads to outlining shadows finding shapes or claiming to discover hidden features of 'orbs'.  These techniques have not yielded any quantifiable data that held empirical proof of anything paranormal in and P.I.R.O.s experiences.  It would be great if it were that easy, but in our decades of experiences, it seems that it isn't.  This method seems to equate closely to seeing faces in the clouds.  To expand further on this seemingly popular method we could look at digital zoom versus optical zoom.  For the shortest answer in history - don't use digital zoom.  Especially for the ghost hunter who sees something in the sky and wants to become an UFOlogist. 

Digital video camera also takes digital pictures


Some digital video cameras now take digital pictures!


For our traditionally long winded response, we could look at some of the shortcomings of digital zoom, especially for ghost hunting.  At a certain point, in most digital zoom technology the camera starts adding pixels by extrapolating what shades (light intensities) are in the the pixels that it was able to clearly see.  When this starts to happen, and it does when you start to use digital zoom, you do not get an accurate interpretation to what was truly in the environment.  However, if you stick to using the optical zoom, the image is an accurate representation of the environment.  The optical zoom is accomplished by physically moving the lenses in the camera closer and further apart from each other.  Now this isn't all quite semantically accurate for those tech heads out there.  With the hopes of this explanation to reach as many people as possible, we will keep things simplified.  Check back often as we will be adding much info on the use of digital camera technology when investigating reports of the paranormal.


There is one adapter for digital cameras that you might not here about in those other editorials on digital cameras.  It is a very alien looking piece of equipment that attaches to the aperture or lens area of the digital camera and has what looks like a mirror on the end that raps around in a complete circle with no seems.  It is this mirror that allows the photographer to take a complete 360 picture of the surroundings.  I assume that with the right computer software you should be able to view and almost take a virtual tour of the area moving about the seamless picture.  This new technology for digital cameras has a great deal to offer our field of study.  This will make mapping of investigation sites a breeze.  The technology will allow others via a computer and the www to lend their input on possible cause and affects of the reported paranormal happenings just from the surroundings by viewing the seamless photograph. 


One final thought for ghost hunters spending your hard earned money.  If you are interested in waterproof digital cameras, highly consider a less expensive camera with a higher end waterproof container.  Water proof cameras, fail.  Period.  Eventually, the majority will have a failure in the waterproofing.  When this happens the entire, very expensive digital camera is ruined.  You are out hundreds and hundreds of dollars and your ability to take water proof pictures.  However, with our approach, we throw in a $40 digital camera in a $40 waterproof case.  If or when this fails you are out the $40 for the digital camera.  You can usually replace a rubber gasket in the case for $10.  Pick yourself up another half way descent digital camera and you are back up and running for under $100!  If you had a waterproof digital camera you'd be out much more.  Even if you have the extended warranty on your waterproof digital camera, you'd wait and hopefully get a replacement that was likely refurbished.  That's just our two cents worth.  The same applies to 35mm cameras.  There you can run into one for about $25 with a separate case and camera total!


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