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Find the best camera for ghost hunting here!  There are dozens of choices depending on what you want to experiment with on your next ghost hunt.  Read up on our ghost hunting articles to help you choose the best digital camera, multiple lens specialty camera, 35mm camera, infrared camera, 3D camera or any other of our countless image capturing options ideal for the active ghost hunter! 

35mm Cameras

The Best 35mm Camera for Ghost Hunting!

4 Lens Cameras Square

Experiment with this four lens camera on your ghost hunts.

4 Lens Cameras Line

Specialty ghost hunting camera.

8 Lens Cameras

Eight lens ghost hunting cameras

9 Lens Cameras

Nine lens cameras used in ghost research.

Digital Cameras

Find the best digital camera for ghost hunting


Water Proof Cameras

Water proof camera for ghost hunting

3D Digital Cameras

3d cameras for ghost hunting and paranormal research.

Polaroid/Instant Cameras

Polaroid and instant cameras for ghost hunting

Full Spectrum Cameras

Full spectrum ghost hunting digital cameras

Infrared/IR Cameras

Ghost Hunters IR digital cameras

3D 35mm Cameras


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IR Lens Filters

IR Lens Filters for ghost hunting

IR Illuminators

IR Illuminators for night vision photography.

Video Cameras Store Page

Ghost hunters camcorder with image capture.

Camera Accessories

Ghost Hunting camera accessories

Ghost Hunting Accessories for sale


See Also!

Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Video Cameras

Night Vision Remotely Mobile

Night Vision Motion Activated Cameras

Night Vision Lighting (IR Illuminators)


Looking to learn more about night vision equipment and about its potential use in researching and investigating reports of paranormal phenomena:

Learn Night Vision Equipment

Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101

Night Vision Equipment


-----------------------------Advertise Here----------------------------- is currently talking with its manufacturers and industry contacts in hopes that we may offer product links from this site to theirs so the important research and investigation can continue fully outfitted.  Please check back often as we will be adding links directly to our suppliers so that you can still purchase the products we once carried but are no longer inventorying.

Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  Using the scientific equipment listed on should go something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.


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