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Ghost Hunting Night Vision Store

Night vision goggles; doesn't get much more Hollywood than this while functionally making your ghost hunts much more productive.  Whether your gazing to the UFO filled skies for those flying objects less than identifiable or would just rather keep a greater distance between you and your local monster of choice - you're in the right place.  Plenty to talk about on the Learn Night Vision page.

Night Vision Monocular

Ghost Hunting night vision monocular.

Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Binoculars for ghost hunters

Night Vision Video Cameras

Video cameras with night vision for ghost hunting.

Night Vision Goggles

Ghost Hunting night vision goggles

Night Vision Motion Activated Cameras

Motion activated night vision cameras for cryptozoology.

Night Vision Lighting /IR Illuminators

Night vision lights and IR illuminators for ghost hunting

Night Vision Remotely Mobile

Remote controlled night vision cameras for ghost hunts.

Airborne Night Vision Remote Controlled

Flying night vision cameras for paranormal investigations.

Digital Cameras with Night Vision

Ghost Hunting digital cameras with built in night vision.

Night Vision Accessories

Night vision goggle for ghost hunting.

Night vision tripod for ghost hunting.



Please visit our Ghost Hunting Article on Night Vision and enjoy this brief excerpt until then;

...Through the aid of many steps completed on the near atomic level this technology now allows the ghost hunter to see in low illuminated conditions where the unaided eye could not.  The night vision technology is sometimes referred to as image enhancement.  Ghost hunting is often done in low light locations, or the dark of night.


Night vision units come in several designs such as goggles, binoculars and monoscopes; all useful for the avid ghost hunter. There are several different forms of this technology that have been evolving as technology further develops.  The industry of image enhancing has labeled these different forms or evolutions as different 'Generations'.  Starting with Generation 0 implemented in World War II, progressing to Generation I, Generation II and Generation III.  We have noticed some retailers touting Generation IV technology (as early as 2000) with the night vision units they are selling....Find the full article for FREE at Ghost Hunting Night Vision!

Looking to learn more about night vision equipment and about its potential use in researching and investigating reports of paranormal phenomena:

Learn Night Vision Equipment

Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101

Night Vision Equipment


-----------------------------Advertise Here----------------------------- is currently talking with its manufacturers and industry contacts in hopes that we may offer product links from this site to theirs so the important research and investigation can continue fully outfitted.  Please check back often as we will be adding links directly to our suppliers so that you can still purchase the products we once carried but are no longer inventorying.

Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  Using the scientific equipment listed on should go something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.


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