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Night Vision-Through the aid of many steps completed on the near atomic level this technology now allows the ghost hunter to see in low illuminated conditions where the unaided eye could not.  The night vision technology is sometimes referred to as imageNight vision goggles with helmet/head attachment enhancement.  Ghost hunting is often done in low light locations, or the dark of night.


Night vision units come in several designs such as goggles, binoculars and monoscopes. There are several different forms of this technology that have been evolving as technology further develops.  The industry of image enhancing has labeled these different forms or evolutions as different 'Generations'.  Starting with Generation 0 implemented in World War II, progressing to Generation I, Generation II and Generation III.  We have noticed some retailers touting Generation IV technology (as early as 2000) with the night vision units they are selling. 


Night vision goggles with head/helmet attachment, for sale on


For the curious ghost hunter here is a quick overview of how some of the night vision technology actually works.  The first piece of your night vision apparatus is what is called an objective lens.  This lens may not be all that different than those found on ordinary cameras and common binoculars.  Its job is to collect the light and focus it on to the photo cathode.  Enhancing the light or 'photons' present in your darkened situation is what's called a photo cathode.  The photo cathode used in night vision technology gets excited when exposed to light (photons) altering their state to electricity or "electrons".  


Camcorder with night vision

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In most Generation I night vision units the electrons are accelerated by an electrostatic charge typically produced by a cone shaped anode and a field forming electrode all powered by the battery of the unit.  It is at this point that in most Generation II units the electricity moves through what is called a 'microchannel plate'.  This plate is constructed of glass and shaped as a disc.  This 'microchannel plate' takes place of the electrostatic charge typically produced by a cone shaped anode and a field forming electrode found in Generation I units.  The microchannel plate is lined with openings, tiny angled holes that allow the image that is now in the form of electrons to pass through.  While doing so these electrons grow in great number by gathering additional electrons released from the charged 'microchannel plate'.  In either Generation I or II it is this large amount of electrons that are then striking a divider covered with phosphors.  Phosphor has the property of emitting light (photons) when struck with an electrical charge (electrons) facilitating the user to view the otherwise dark image as illuminated.  The classic green image associated with night vision is produced by the phosphors in the unit. 


Goggles generally present better perception and when used with head straps offer hands free use while ghost hunting.  There was recently produced a toy version of the night vision goggle retailing for around $80.  We will have a review of this "toy" product as soon as possible.  Until then, be sure to consider the less expensive monoscope night vision with head attachment.  This allows for easy back and forth viewing of night vision enhanced eyesight, and your regular un-aided eyesight of the ghost hunting area by simply opening or closing the opposite eyes.  This will save you some money, and weight if you do plan on wearing them for extended periods of time!  We've got an every growing selection of both types in our night vision store pages!


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