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Ghost Hunting Radiation Meter

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Radiation Meters- Radiation meters and ghost hunting!  Shows levels of and variances in beta- gamma- and alpha-waveGhost hunting gear, radiation meter with case radiation.  Used for monitoring your ghost hunting area for any unusual levels of these radiations. 

In the absence of specific ghost hunting theories being tested, the Geiger counter still helps us monitor another variable that could later be used to explain reported paranormal experiences.  We feel that knowing as much about the environment our investigations occur in, lends us a greater possibility to notice patterns, or other explanations for any anomalies being investigated.  

Radiation meter with carry case and protective cover on

Alright just so we are clear, much of the equipment discussed on could be classified under "radiation" (ionizing or non-ionizing etc.) meters however, in an effort to reach as many people from as many different backgrounds we thought it important to separate out a few specific pieces of popular equipment.  Here we are looking more narrowly at the popular Geiger counter.  So if you've been ghost hunting for any period of time, you've probably seen one of these being used but why and how exactly does one work.  Typical Geiger counters show levels of and variances in beta- gamma- and alpha-wave radiation.  When used for investigating reports of paranormal phenomena we are again looking to monitor as many variables in the environment as possible in hopes of developing a testable theory.  

Radiation Alert Observer Software for computer interface

Radiation meter software that works with some Radiation Alert meters old on

As with most things, you can find Geiger counters that are completely digital and others that have the bouncing analog needle.  It may come down to personal preference most of the time with digital versus analog, however with Geiger counters it does seem that digital models do have additional features.  With the extra options, you will also find more cost with you initial purchase.  One specific type of Geiger counter that you may want to be hesitant about is the ever popular yellow, analog style counter with the handle over the top.  Ghost hunters really do need to be informed consumers, not only knowing what to purchase, but how to use thee equipment.

This specific meter is most likely a surplus of either the Russian or Israeli military forces.  Nothing wrong with that in itself mind you, simply that the older technology, tubes and what not does have an accurate shelf life and would need to most likely be calibrated if it were even still possible.  Within the last decade or so the stock piles have finally began to dwindle, so you will see less and less of these for sale.  The last time we saw one for sale it was about $30, and hence there popularity in this field of personal pocket financiers. 

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