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Tachometers- Tachometers can be applied to ghost hunting as your imagination allows.  They have finally been embraced by the ghost hunter, only after they were placed inside the less than perfect Mel Meter, called a vibration meter, and placed on TV.  Well, whatever it takes for ghost hunters to embrace old technology in a new way.  We've come across some investigators who are using them for 'spirit communication' and carry them for sale on  Our investigatorsExtech tachometer or vibration sensor for ghost hunting feel they may be better applied to an investigation scene in aiding for known phenomena causing otherwise unexplainable affects on other data acquiring equipment.


Tachometer or 'vibration sensor' with multiple attachments for every occasion.


For example if you feel you've gotten an EVP in a different part of the house you are investigating.  If you're following our procedures, and document the time, location, and people present then you've got a chance.  If you got a response from the tachometers in the room below, then perhaps you can pair those two pieces of information together.  More clues, more of a chance to figure out a cause.  Perhaps a bus was going by (that's why we always check the local bus schedule, train schedule, nearby airport flight schedules ect).  A bus passing by might be picked up, muffled and distorted by your EVP equipment.  If you are using a tachometer, you might be able to determine that the source was in fact affecting/shaking the entire structure.  Inversely, you may also be able to rule these things out and be left with something additionally unexplainable.  Ghost hunting is anything but straight forward. 


Mel Meter with tachometer/vibration sensorThe folks at P.I.R.O. have been implementing these for decades, though most ghost hunters will be familiar with this technology as a "vibration sensor" on the very television popular "Mel Meter." 


Mel meter with tachometer/vibration sensor built in.


Reports of objects moving seemingly by themselves is a staple for every ghost movie.  While not as dramatic as Hollywood, why not measure that doll that reportedly moves on its own, or monitor the picture on the mantle to see if the owners reports can be scientifically quantified. Perhaps the cupboards open mysteriously on their own?  By using a tachometer, you can determine exactly how much and what kind of movement happens.  Set one up, video it and see what happens!  We carry contact and non-contact types.  For most situations we are going to be applying the non-contact type.  More info and articles to come!


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