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Ovilus- Well.  The Ovilus and ghost hunting have certainly found each other thanks to television.  What can we say about the research trend in EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), ITC instrumental transdimensional communication and ghost hunting.  When most of us here at GetGhostGear first began ghost hunting it was easy to distinguish between metaphysical approaches as contrasted to scientific approaches in research and investigation.  Of course, here is not the place to debate the merits of one versus the other.  In our mind there would be no clear winner, they each still hold their appropriate place to be explored in ghost hunting.  The biggest problem arises when metaphysical techniques and tools are put forward as something their not, such as quantifiable science.  This is a disservice to ghost hunting and ghost hunters themselves. 


The Ovilus used for 'ghost hunting'


The introduction of equipment such as Frank's Box, the Ovilus, and the paranormal puck, have blurred the lines in ghost hunting.  On one hand you might say applying a thermometer to your ghost hunting is an objective, scientific approach; using calibrated equipment to acquire quantitative data.  While it may look like the Ovilus or Frank's Box is using the same approach to the untrained observer, the truth it seems couldn't be further away.  Again, not saying this is the end all be all for staying clear of these EVP and ITC tools while on ghost hunts.  However, I am saying...begging that you fully, completely understand exactly what the equipment is doing and what you can objectively extrapolate from the feedback it gives to the user.  Please, take the time to understand this fellow ghost hunters.  Understand how it works completely, what else could be causing the results, and who created the concept and eventually manufactured the product. 



All to often a 'thing' has pushed and pressed upon it the wants and needs of the people.  Allow me to elaborate.  While this may be easily viewed at any sporting event when the mascot draws admiration and energy from the crowd, it is not always as easy to realize when this is taking place.  Perhaps it can be more clearly seen when a person refers to their automobile as a 'he' or 'she' perhaps as far as adding a name and moods.  This giving of human traits and qualities to inanimate objects is known as personification or anthropomorphism.  This condition of reality or ease with blurring the lines, no matter how much in jest it is done, shows the propensity for people to relate subjectively to things and situations that when looked at with the lens of objectivity reveal something completely different.  Of all the case logs I've read, video's I've screened, interviews of the users or creators of the Ovilus or Frank's Box, or EVP work in general - subjectivity lies in a large part of the process.   To go a step further, both the creators of the Ovilus and the Frank's Box have been quoted in early interviews, and even published on their own websites comments such as this is for "entertainment purposes only" and openly admitted no belief in the paranormal.  All ghost hunters should be aware of this, there is no excuse not to be.  If you were using a calculator that added 2+2=5 and went public with your new findings, well you wouldn't nor should you be taken very seriously. 


The newer Ovilus X


This becomes additionally difficult to deal with in an objective or scientific manner with the addition of intermediaries.  These are the people who must operate and subjectively interpret the responses garnered from the machine.  This is very reminiscent of past hucksters, side show entertainment, and cold reading 'psychics' distracting a paying audience by adding gizmo's and flashing lights of distraction.  This is the oldest trick in the magicians book, distraction.  The other is the oldest tool in the salesmen's book, tell people what they want to hear.  Rule number two in the same book, if you can't tell people what they want to hear, tell them something that will elicit an emotional response.  Ghost hunters should be able to reflect upon this what they are 'hearing' from these devices.  Self reflection is good. 


While most certainly there is a time and place for subjectivity, that time and place is clearly not when it is masqueraded as objectivity used in experiments following the 'scientific method.'  Now, that may sound harsh, and in fact it may be harsh, but the very majority of people working their way through using this type of Frank's Box equipment is ambivalently unaware.  In other words they have no malicious intent on deceiving anyone.  They however, very likely have not acquired the very specific skill set required to perform high level experiments while adhering to true scientific method protocols.  Ignorance as they say, is not an excuse.  Ghost hunters need to work very hard at educating themselves with all the fields of study to knowledgeable on.   


So can people be blamed for wanting the Ovilus to work?  No absolutely not.  I personally would love this to be a quantitative, empirically sound, objectively experimented reality.  Who wouldn't?  You could have a phone to those in your life who have passed on, right next to the phone you can order a pizza with.  Win-win.  Real life doesn't work this way, ghost hunting doesn't work this way either.


If you are still super interested in attempting to communicate with disembodied voices, please visit our EVP knowledge center.  We have people on staff at and P.I.R.O (Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization) who have been researching and actively applying EVP capturing techniques at reported haunted locations since the late 1980s. carries many digital based recorders, tape and microcassette based recorders, free audio analyzing software, many metaphysical EVP tools as well as several spirit communication packages.




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