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Digital Recorder- These digital audio recording units are nice because of the obvious ease in studying and analyzing the audio recording on a computer.  No more costly tapes for the ghost hunter to buy for every investigation.  Whether you are taking EVPs on your ghost hunts, or documenting the interview of a ghost witness, digital recorders are ideal.  The draw back some find is the lack of material physical records.  We at and P.I.R.O. still find having the hard data in backups is nice.  Those attempting to acquire EVPs, carries many digital based recorders, tape and microcassette based recorders, free audio analyzing software, many metaphysical EVP tools as well as several spirit communication packages.


Digital recorder with two broad range microphones for sale here!


Some features to look for on your unit would be a microphone input jack with a separate ear piece output.  Having these separate jacks is a must in our book on ghost hunting investigations for several reasons. 


First and foremost while collecting EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon with the internal stock microphone can yield confusing and less credible data.  This is obviously more important to note for the ghost hutner on the older style tape microcassettes.  The internal (or on unit) microphone can actually record its own internal parts moving creating many unusual sounds that may be mistaken for other worldly things such as EVPís.  The other main reason we don't bother with the internal stock microphone is that it's not usually capable of capturing the wide range of noise that happen on varying frequencies and volumes.  Noise or sound is measured by frequency in hertz and volume in decibels (more on this under the External Microphone).  The human ear can on average notice audible frequencies between 20htz and 20,000htz.  Using a microphone with a capture capability above and or below these frequencies would be ideal for monitoring sounds not monitored by your investigators ears.  The eventual digitizing of your recordings will allow you to analyze the data with computer software for potential anomalies.  We at and P.I.R.O. (Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization) both had worked with EVPs in the late 1980s through the 1990s.  At this time we use tape recorders and digital recorders as a way for each investigator to document the investigation at their specific location.  This keeps things easier for the investigator instead of stopping and hand writing every feeling, sneeze and task down on paper.  The theories surrounding EVPs are wrought with uncontrollable variables.  One issue that can be found with tape recorders and EVP work would be the accidental antenna phenomenon (AAP).  It seems that this is not a known issue with digital recorders at this time. 

Traditional microphone for EVP ghost huntingThe AAP is said to occur when the construction of the tape recorder (probably not digital models) allows for the internal parts to act as a radio antenna.  Typically when to metal pieces or plates are in too close of a proximity and in the perfect environmental position they are able to pick up radio signals and transfer at least portions to the tape or speaker on the unit itself [*citation needed].


Traditional microphones used by ghost hunters searching for EVPs


For those of you still interested in attempting to acquire EVPs on ghost hunts, there are some procedures you can follow to help reduce the false positives.  As we mentioned earlier use a quality external microphone.  Do not walk around with the tape recorder in your hand.  Place the unit in a secure location that is as clear from air movement, or movable structural objects such as heavily used doors.  Never reuse tapes, always new.  Implementing a system for identifying new and used tapes and make sure everyone who needs to understands it. 


A low battery warning light feature we consider a must even though a simple yet over looked item, it can serve as a reminder about soon to be corrupted and worthless data due to low power.  First and foremost LEAVE IT ON AT ALL TIMES you never know whatís going to happen when ghost hunting!   

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