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Ghost Hunting K-Type Probes

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K-Type Probes- These are probes, or attachments that simply plug into any "K-Type" receptacle.  The "K-Type" refers not surprisingly to the type or manufactured style of plug on the probe.  Thankfully it seems more ghost hunters are moving into using these meters and probes.  There are several types other than K-Type so be sure yourK-Type probe used on ghost hunts searching for cold spots thermometer and probe match!  Often you will find these K-Type probes plugging into digital thermometers, multifunction scientific meters and even a fantastic infrared non-contact thermometer that you may have seen on the Sci Fi Networks Ghost Hunters.  Yes, just for the record, the one you've seen on the show they got right here from  We still carry this model, (NOW IN BLACK) that allows you to take temperature readings from afar while monitoring the air temperature at the same time.  The air sampling k-type probe is by far the most popular amongst ghost hunters and allows for a very true reading of the surrounding air temperature, far exceeding that of many digital thermometers. 

K-Type Air Probe, Photography by Noah Voss

The k-type probe plugs into whatever has the appropriate plug much in the same fashion as a power cord into a wall, or an ear phone plugs into your MP3 player.  Pretty straight forward, just mind the positive and negative symbols that should be found on both the male and female ends of the k-type connection.   

A digital thermometer is able to react faster than the mercury thermometers of times past.  This becomes very important on ghost huts.  Perhaps the most overlooked feature with this piece of equipment is also the most important one, the sampling rate.  Ghost hunters should be aware that many models vary as to how often they actually take a temperature reading.  If you are investigating an anomaly that has been reported only to last say 3 seconds and you purchase a digital thermometer that takes readings every 5 seconds, well you get the picture. 

The next misunderstood aspect of digital thermometers is what it was specifically designed to measure, and ghost hunters should know which they are using.  Most of the digital thermometers easily accessible on the market were constructed to measure on contact (or for example more specifically when Digital thermometer using an air K-Type probeplaced under the tongue).  Ghost hunters take note, especially if you are investigating for cold spots!  Many other easily obtained digital thermometers were designed for a liquid or food product as often used in the food industry.  This doesn't do much for those walking around looking for reported cold spots or the apparently even more elusive hot spots. 

Quantifiable misgivings aside with the cold spot theories being thrown about, there are meters ideal for air temperature readings. has carried several popular Thermometers that sample around 3 times per second and have the appropriate air sampling temperature probe.  Some of our meters featured on Sci Fi Channels Ghost Hunters were also backlit and capable of taking infrared laser guided surface temperature readings and quality air temperature readings at the same time!      

K-Type Air Probe in Thermometer, Photography by Noah Voss

The often optional back-lit display makes for easier in the field use.  Normally digital thermometers will monitor the temperature to the tenth’s if not even more precise on some of the additionally expensive models.  Some of the higher end models of digital thermos also have a memory built in so they can record such things as high and low temperature readings, averages and on some units that contain barometers even forecasts.  The addition of PC interfacing capabilities increases the accuracy of data acquisition.  We've carried several digital thermometers on that were fully water proof and allowed for the addition of multifunction with the inclusion of any K-type probe.      

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