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More than just thermometers here.  Traditionally we have offered dozens of ghost hunting thermometers from the popular Infrared Thermometer too data logging digital thermometers with PC interface.  Want to buy the best ghost hunting thermometer and learn about their potential use in investigation of reported paranormal phenomena visit our Thermometers Knowledge Center Page

Excerpt from's "Finding the best ghost hunting thermometer article":

...One misunderstood aspect of digital thermometers used on ghost hunts is what they are specifically designed to measure.  Most digital thermometers easily accessible on the market were constructed to measure on contact (or for example more specifically when placed under the tongue).  Many other easily obtained digital thermometers were designed for a liquid or food product as often used in the food industry.  This doesn't do much for those walking around looking for reported cold spots or the apparently even more elusive hot spots.  Ghost hunters need the correct tool for the ghost hunting job...the rest of the article available here: Finding the best ghost hunting thermometer article

For more information about ghost hunting thermometers, infrared thermometers or digital thermometers visit some of the following links:

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Thermal Imaging

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Required reading:

"European Journal of Parapsychology"
Volume 20.1, pages 65-78 ISSN: 0168-7263




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