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Ghost Hunting 35mm Camera

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35mm Camera- Using cameras while ghost hunting are key.  This along with paper and pencils are how most of us here at started at a young age visiting places with reports of the ghost.  The 35mm refers to the type or size of the film used.  Ghost hunting and cameras make an important combination.    35mm camera used for ghost hunting


35mm cameras are a staple for ghost hunters of any approach


Most are aware what a camera is and how to use the most simplest versions.  Usually point, press the button and the picture is taken and your ghost hunting investigationzz is documented.  More technically, a 35mm camera changes light variations into images on a light sensitive film.  What you normally find in the starting price range for this type of camera is one that has a magnification of only the 35mm, plastic lenses and fewer features.  Those able and willing to pay a bit more will find they have a zoom magnification of 70mm+ as well as all glass lenses which will give a cleaner sharper image and allow for less glare.  The higher end models also carry extended features like a flash, different optical settings such as panoramic, landscape, low light, a systems display screen and normally are a bit sturdier.   


The folks here at and P.I.R.O. (Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization) both keep several 35mm cameras in their tool kits.  One is usually as highest quality that could be found that also still requires manual advancement and rewind of the film.  By requiring this from the user, the camera is more or less safe to use with infrared film.  The technology we are trying to avoid is used to automatically advance and rewind the film in most 35mm cameras uses infrared beams.  This infrared technology can potentially cause unusual affects on infrared film.  These affects can range from fogging, misting, and streaking.  Sound familiar?  Let me try another way; as in ghostly fog silhouettes, ectoplasmic mists and unusual streaks interpreted as interdimensional portals and so on.  We've seen and heard it all before and while these claims can not always be determined to have been caused by this, those making the claim rarely if ever are aware of this one possibility from many.  In the case where infrared film was used in a 35mm camera with infrared technology in use, any anomalies found will be difficult to substantiate as anything but a naturally occurring phenomena on the film itself as it interacts with the camera.  We would consider the use of Infrared Film an advanced step in a paranormal investigators career.  The film itself requires special purchasing, storage, handling, loading, developing and so on.   


Not just 35mm cameras are used by the folks here at and P.I.R.O..  With the thought that there are many unknowns in our research and paranormal investigation we feel that there can be something gained by utilizing as many different technologies as possible.  We use several different kinds of 35mm cameras and film, along with Polaroid cameras, and numerous digital cameras.  We even go as far as experimenting with holographic plate developers and antique camera systems both!  35mm Camera for ghost hunting. Learn about and purchase the best 35mm camera for your next ghost hunt!


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Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101

Not ghost detectors.  We'll save the fact that:

#1. Ghosts have not been universally agreed upon in definition—ever.

#2.  No one has ever discovered a scientific piece of equipment that can quantifiably detect ghosts (see #1).

We'll be saving the above two painfully obvious facts and the myriad of implications all for numerous other editorials.  Today we are looking at paranormal investigating equipment as a whole. 


EVP 101 - The Human Variable

The proliferation of EVP on the ghost shows has brought on an overwhelming number of inquiries at  We thought it was high time that we throw our opinion in the already very opinionated area of electronic voice phenomena.


EMF Meters 101

I'm sorry to have miss lead you.  Yes the purpose of this op ed is to share knowledge on EMF (electromagnetic field 'for now') meters.  However we need to start even before the EMF meter is in hand.  Wait...that's not far enough back, we need to start even before the word leaves our mouth. 


Paranormal Investigating Equipment 102

In paranormal investigating equipment 101 we discussed a generalized scientific approach focused heavy on quantifiable data.  The formation of an institute to act as a holding of research archives and focused on disseminating quality knowledge would aid in accomplishing this.  That's all fine and well, but not a current reality. 

So what do we have today?  A magnitude of fragmented, cross-demographical, hunters, researchers and investigators with varied skill-sets.  Alright, so how exactly can we apply some of the procedures or the general approach to the investigations that are taking place right now?


'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table

This page contains several tables set up as categories in a tree graph style.  Start at the top of each table and make one choice from the next line down to find the meter you are interested in learning about.  This is an ever changing list, so check back often!


EMF Meters 102

As we start this opinion editorial 102, I'll assume that you have already progressed through the first to 'required' readings, Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101, and EMF Meters 101.  To review, we have established what we are using scientific equipment for, and one main reason we are monitoring electromagnetic fields in our investigation location.  This op ed we will discuss the second main reason we should be monitoring electromagnetic fields during our investigations. 


EMF Meters 103

Let's address another very serious question but one that is a bit more straight forward to answer.  Why should we want to monitor electromagnetic fields during investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena?  Why indeed!  Many theories abound, but we will focus on just one experimentally substantiated by Dr. Michael Persinger. 


The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

"Are certain reports of hauntings caused by magnetically-induced hallucinations? That is the question MADS is designed to answer."  That's right off of the MADS (Magnetic Anomaly Detection System) website.  We've got a basic hypotheses including a posed question along with the scientific equipment to experimentally investigate reports of hauntings.  This will then be used to substantiate the the hypotheses, change the hypotheses, or prove the hypotheses wrong.  This folks is science.

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