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Christmas lights above the top tech products of 2011!

Santa clause bringing gifts on christmas 2011

~December 2012~

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Key Chain LED Santa Flashlight!

Put your presents under the christmas tree Santa Keychain LED Flashlight Gift Idea for Christmas 2012 Christmas tree from, christmas 2011.

Santa LED Keychain with Sound


Gift Ideas For

Ghost Hunters!

Christmas 2012


-Top Christmas Presents for your Ghost Hunter in 2012-

Egg Nog Bubblegum!

New 2012 Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List Egg Nog Bubble Gum

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Eggnog Flavored Gumballs in Tin

Very seasonal, fits the Christmas time of year, and completely unique just like the ghost hunter in your life!  A great stocking stuffer or small gift add on to your Black Friday Shopping Spree!

Beer Holster

 Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List Idea Belt Beer Holster

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Brown Leather Beer Holster Gift

Draw!!  Then drink.  Any bottle, soda-pop, beer or water - pick your poison and wear it with pride.  A fun and functional gift that everyone in the room will want to get a look at after unwrapped this Christmas.  Becomes the center of attention at the first BBQ of the year too!  

3D Digital Camera

Original Christmas Gift Idea Ghost Hunters 3D Digital Camera

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3D Digital Ghost Hunting Camera

Less than $100!  WOW.  If I only had a hundred bucks because this is a steal of a price and it even gets good reviews on Amazon!  We can almost guarantee that whatever techy person you are gifting this to, they won't have one yet.  Your ghost hunter will love that they can now document their ghost hunts in 3D!  Imagine catching unexplained orbs, ghostly mists, and spooky shadows in 3D and watching them after on your 3D TV!

  80 Hour Horizontal Candle

Ghost Hunting Christmas Gift List Steampunk Horizontal Candle

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80-Hour Horizontal Candle Gift Idea

This is the most unique candle I've come across and your house guests this Christmas will agree.  They come in several different sizes, vertical and horizontal.  At 80 hours of burn time and optional scents this is going on my own Christmas list this year.


Amazon Gift Card $10 - $2,000!

Christmas 2012 Gift List Idea Gift Card

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now Gift Cards - In a Greeting Card

Not sure what gift to get your ghost hunter this Christmas?  No problem.  Click through the link above, load how ever much money you want to give and purchase.  You can have it shipped to you or directly to whoever is on your gift list.  Let the people on your gift list this year purchase exactly what they want, easily from!  You might find some great online deals during Black Monday, but with this gift card your favorite person can purchase exactly what they want this Christmas!

Never Loose Keys Again!

Ghost Hunters Great Christmas Gift Idea Magnetic Light Switch

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Magnetic Light Switch Cover Gift Idea

Anything metal, just hangs right from the bottom of your new light switch.  A super strong magnet on the reverse holds your keys, wrench, hammer, small frying pan, javelin, numb-chucks, ha...seriously though, a great place to keep your keys!  Save hours every year from no more lost key frantic searches!

Fresh Cut Grass Candle

Men's Ghost Hunter Christmas Gift Idea for 2012 Fresh Cut Grass Candle Scent

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Fresh Cut Grass Scented Candle

Do you ever get tired of the snow, the bleak gray day after day, the bitter bone chilling cold that the northern latitudes can bring for months on end?  If you or your gift deserving loved one longs for the warm summer days this is a fun gift that will remembered long after Christmas.  This is also a great 'man' candle scent!

Glow in the Dark Spider Top

Women's Ghost Hunter Christmas Gift Idea Glow In The Dark Spider Web Top

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Glow-In-The-Dark Spider Web Shark Bite Top

You're not going to find this in your local big box store, and as a result we like to include those types of items on this list.  A cool and only slightly dark spider web pattern on the front of the top is applied with a glow in the dark material that will take this shirt from a cool, to wow with the flip of a light switch.


Glowing Drink Glasses

Christmas 2012 Gift Ideas Glowing Ghost Party Cups

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50 Glow Stick Christmas Party Cups

These remind me of all the different Christmas lights and colors of the holiday season!  Continue the warm aura that Christmas lights bring with every sip your guests take.  Fun and flexible glow sticks wrap around the top creating a cool effect on your drinks!


Caffeinated Bar Soap!

Ghost Hunters Caffeinated Soap Bar Christmas Gift

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Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

Is it debatable that caffeine can be readily absorbed through the skin?  Thankfully I care about very little until my third cup of coffee, so I'll take the shot and cool novelty that perhaps at least psychosamatically I'll be getting a kick even before I make it to my coffee cup!  Those on your Christmas giving list will agree.  Great for college kids and the workaholics in your life!  You'll be getting up early on Black Friday to get all the deals, give yourself a leg up on the competition next Christmas!

Nightmare Before Christmas Game

The Nightmare Before Christmas Board Game Christmas 2012 Gift Ideas

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Nightmare Before Christmas Board Game

The Nightmare Before Christmas board game will be hugely appreciated by the ghost hunter on your gift giving list.  This movie has a huge and super devoted fan base.  Get on the band wagon yourself this Christmas season and try adding the movie toy our holiday film rotation.  What better way to embrace any film and season than to have film and games be part of the entire tradition!


Glow In The Dark Duct Tape

Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Ideas List Glow In The Dark Duct Tape

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Glow in the Dark Duct Tape Gifts for Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters work often and much in the dark.  This is a fun and functional gift for ghost hunting; placing markings on dangerous overhangs, on ghost hunting equipment, on ghost investigation equipment or even use for Halloween party decorating.  A great stocking stuffer!

Beer Glass Sampler Set

Christmas Gift List 2012 Craft Brew Beer Glass Sampler Kit

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Craft Brew Sampler Beer Glass Set, 6-Piece

Now I'm not sure about the ghost hunter on your Christmas gift list, but most of the ghost hunts I've been on are capped with a drink or maybe several.  Everything in moderation of course, and these six different styles of drink ware only accentuate the entire profile of the brewed beverages they will soon contain.  This of course helps slow the drinking to a level where quality becomes more important than quantity.  Like beer?  Try your favorite brew as the brew master intended with this set!

Playable Drum Shirt

2012 Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Idea Playable Drum Shirt

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Playable Electronic Drum T-Shirt

Yeah, as soon as I found the playable guitar shirt that made the Ghost Hunters Annual Christmas Gift List last year, I knew that I would have to add the playable drum shirt this year.  We had some great responses to the shirt last year, so I'm hoping to hear about how much fun this shirt added to Christmas morning!

Light Up Pillow!

2012 Ghost Hunters Xmas Gift List Glowing Light Up Pillow

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Color Changing Moonlight Pillow

This is a fun idea, that takes an otherwise one dimensional, overlooked and under appreciated item in any room and kicks it up to a 10!  This will be a hit in dorm rooms this Christmas and you can help your teenager, college kid and of course ghost hunter be on the cutting edge of cool with this light up LED pillow.


Beer Scented Candle

Men's 2012 Christmas Gift Idea Draft Beer Candle Scent

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Draft Beer Scented Gift Candle

Beer good.  Candles...well I guess there mostly good; I honestly don't have very strong feelings on the whole candle phenomena, but yeah, they smell nice and sure the warm glow of a small flame does add comfort to a room.  So what better way to get both, and have the 'man' or beer passionate person on your list be forever greatful?  Yup, the beer candle!

  Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Idea

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Nightmare Before Christmas DVD (Special Edition)

If you know someone who likes The Nightmare Before Christmas movie then this "Special Edition" is certainly for you.  If you know someone who likes Christmas and who also loves Halloween, this is for you.  It wonderfully melds the two great times of year together in one original cinematic film.

Zombie Card & Dice Game
Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List 2012 Zombies!!! Dice Card Game

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Zombies!!! Game

This Zombie 'semi-board game' uses dice and cards to build a gaming experience that is unique each and every time you play!  Zombies!!! continually gets super high reviews on Amazon even when it is one of the most heavily reviewed of the Zombie games (and yes there are a TON of zombie games).  Good news, if they like this, there are about 8 other continuations and versions they can add to their collection!

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Shirt

Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Idea Glow In The Dark Skeleton Shirt

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Skeleton Glow In The Dark T-Shirt

Glow in the dark anything is pretty cool in any ghost hunters book.  This t-shirt has a glow in the dark skeleton on not only the front but also the back!  Show the ghost hunter on your Christmas gift list this year that you can embrace their spooky side year-round!


One Lantern - 4 Flashlights!

Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List Idea 4 Flashlight Lantern

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Coleman LED Quad Lantern & Flashlights

This is a great product.  Functional as a portable and super bright LED lantern perfect for illuminating even the most dark ghost hunting location, or doubling as a family car camping tool.  Need to separate yourself from the herd?  No worries simply peel off one of the four separate panels of this lantern to reveal a 6 LED flashlight!

'Write On Me' T Shirt

Ghost Hunters Christmas Shirt Write On Me Light Up Shirt

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Incredible LED Message T-Shirt

Oh the fun you'll have with this shirt.  Talk about custom, with the included 'marker' simply write whatever you wan on the chest panel area.  The shirt has it's own small battery pack that powers the illuminated front including whatever you just wrote!  Great for the kids in the bars I would suspect to those teenagers out and about with their friends.  Heck I even like this (and yes I own a different EL light up skull shirt we sold last year), for any Halloween event, like the corn maze where I got countless complements on mine!

Best Christmas Party Plate!

Christmas Party Plates Original Gift Idea 2012

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The Go Plate Christmas Party Idea

Sometimes we come across a product that we just simply have to tell the world about because it is to good of an innovation not to!  This is one of them.  This plate is designed with a center area and hole that allows the user (that's your forever thankful guest after you introduce them to this) can securely hold onto their cup, can, or bottle at the same time as the plate!  This allows for the other hand to eat with, shake hands with new friends and simply move about opening doors and such.  Win.

Simpsons Tree House Of Horror

Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Idea The Simpsons Tree House Of Horror Monopoly Board Game

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Simpsons Tree House of Horrors Monopoly

If you are into Monopoly and you like Halloween or the ghost hunter in you embraces anything Autumn related then this board game is right up your alley.  The Simpon's hugely successfully TV show began producing a Halloween special by the second season.  They aptly named this and still do to this day The Simpon's Treehouse of Horrors episode.

Monster Band Aid Bandages

Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift Band Aids Monster Bandages

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Monster Bandages Band Aid Style Bandages

Let the world know that you are not a fan of infections AND at the same time are a fan of monsters with these horror movie monster band aid style bandages.  This is a great stocking stuffer that is fun and functional!  Don't let a little cut this Black Friday slow your shopping down, stay a strong shopper through Cyber Saturday and still catch great deals on Black Monday.

Custom Steampunk Nerf Gun

Ghost Hunter Christmas Gift Ideas 2012 Nerf Steampunk Custom Gun

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Steampunk Victorian Nerf Toy Gun

DNot a fan of 'steampunk'? Well how about a fan of cool things?  Because soft foam dart guns that have been customized to look like they stepped right out of Van Helsing or your favorite Hollywood film is super cool. Many different styles and sizes of Nerf Guns have been customized for your Christmas shooting pleasure.  Click through to see the whole line of guns!

Ghost Hunting Video Camera

Best Christmas Gift Idea for Ghost Hunters 2012 Deluxe Camcorder with Night Vision

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now
Ghost Hunters HD Camcorder

We've got this camera in use on some of our adventures and I can speak to its specs.  It is full of the ideal characteristics that any ghost hunter would love especially the night vision complete with on unit IR booster!  True 1900 HD and a 60 FPS option for the true ghost investigator.  Normally over $1,000 this model can be found used for hundreds of dollars of savings!  If you're really in the money this year, the newest model of this camera goes above and beyond and can be found here: 2012 Model.

Fresh Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ghost Hunters Gift List New Ideas Christmas 2012Home Made Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Christmas Party Desert Ideas

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now
Home Made Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Alright, so maybe I'm just hungry as I finish this year's Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List but this is just one of those fun little gadgets that at the very least grandmas and grandpas should have when their family visits.  Especially in north where even with negative temperatures outside, the ice cream stands are still open!

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Iphone TriEye Lens Attachment

Ghost Hunters Iphone TriLens Attachment Christmas Idea

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iPhone 4 Tri Eye Lens Dial Camera Accessory

For those with the fancy new iPhones this is for you!  A very cool attachment that slides onto your phone giving your ghost hunt yet another camera with three extra lenses!  A wide angle, a zoom and a fun fish eye round out the new picture taking options!

  Blister Proof Your Feet!

2012 Christmas Gift List Ideas For Ghost Hunters Toe Socks

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Performance Lightweight Lining Toe Socks

Alright so maybe "blister proof" is a bit too much to ask, but at least greatly reduce the uncomfortable hot spots on your active feet that become painful blisters.  Layer up with these underneath a quality outer sock and literally run past your competition...or at least be way more comfortable through those long ghost hunts that last until sunrise!

LED Light Up Planter

Christmas 2012 Gift Ideas LED Light Up Plant Pot

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Light Up Plant Planter Great Gift Idea

Really, put a plant or ice and beer for a party or decorative stones or whatever in the top, and the whole thing lights up!  Now, I know what you may be thinking; "junk" right?  Nope, I really don't think so - especially since I do take great pain to avoid promoting inexpensive AND poorly made products for this annual Christmas Gift List.  I couldn't find any better images to use, but the reviews are great and these light up planters really do throw off a bunch of light (way more than those neat looking 'solar lights' from the big box stores that always come up short).

Light Up Necklace

Ghost Hunters Christmas 2012 Gift Ideas Light Up Necklace Steampunk

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now
Steampunk Fire Light Up Necklace Pendant Charm - Hunger Games

This is a really cool and original necklace charm that opens like a locket and lights up like on some fantastic movie.  Designed loosely on the Hunger Games books, this steampunk necklace actually lights up!  Great for girls or boys with that different style.

Best Indoor Star Effects
Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List Idea Night Sky Star Constellations Laser Gift

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now

Laser Light Night Sky Star Show

I searched high and low for the best star projector on the market under $500.  This is it, and way under for around $100 this laser star and constellation projector will amaze your family and friends or simply help the little one drift off to sleep.  Great for introducing and nurturing science in the little boy or girl on your Christmas gift giving list!  Besides during the holiday season it is uncomfortably cold through much of the globe.  Fight back by bringing the stars inside this Christmas.

Brightest Flashlight Around!
Ghost Hunters Flashlight Christmas Gift Idea

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now

Brightest Ghost Hunters Flashlight

Seriously bright.  I don't know how else to say this, other than it is a car headlight in your, that still isn't a good enough description.  So if you are like me and grew up with those big box store spot lights that last 12 minutes on battery and lit up an entire corn field - this is better.  Get hours of light, brighter than most spot lights on the market today with approximately 2.2 million candella or 2,200 lumen!  Wow, so the key chain LED flashlight that I get complements on EVERY time I use it in public was on this list last year and puts out about 90 lumen!  Yeah, be prepared to be amazed.

Dirt Scented Soap
Ghost Hunters Christmas Presents Dirt Scented Soap Gift

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now

Halloween Dirt Earth Scented Bar Soap All Natural

Ha!  I've got a friend who uses this and absolutely loves it.  I like the juxtaposition with using a dirt scent to clean off the dirt.  The ghost hunter on your list is likely to love the fond memories brought into the minds eye every time they use this - of musty basements or dirt scented cemeteries where they've spent hundreds of hours exploring the unknown.  This is a Christmas present that would bring a smile to my face Christmas morning if Santa Clause left one behind for me.

Halloween Candy Canes!
Halloween Candy Canes for Ghost Hunters Christmas Gifts

Click below to Learn More or Buy Now

Cinnamon Roll Halloween Candy Canes

How spot on is this product?  All the way on.  Candy cane is to Christmas as cinnamon is to autumn.  Mash the two together and out pops this sweet creamy cinnamon candy cane that even embraces the earthy colors of a dark and stormy fall night.  Ghost hunters are passionate about Halloween and this will be passionately appreciated by them, especially at Christmas time!

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#1. Ghosts have not been universally agreed upon in definition—ever.

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We'll be saving the above two painfully obvious facts and the myriad of implications all for numerous other editorials.  Today we are looking at paranormal investigating equipment as a whole. 


EVP 101 - The Human Variable

The proliferation of EVP on the ghost shows has brought on an overwhelming number of inquiries at  We thought it was high time that we throw our opinion in the already very opinionated area of electronic voice phenomena.


EMF Meters 101

I'm sorry to have miss lead you.  Yes the purpose of this op ed is to share knowledge on EMF (electromagnetic field 'for now') meters.  However we need to start even before the EMF meter is in hand.  Wait...that's not far enough back, we need to start even before the word leaves our mouth. 


Paranormal Investigating Equipment 102

In paranormal investigating equipment 101 we discussed a generalized scientific approach focused heavy on quantifiable data.  The formation of an institute to act as a holding of research archives and focused on disseminating quality knowledge would aid in accomplishing this.  That's all fine and well, but not a current reality. 

So what do we have today?  A magnitude of fragmented, cross-demographical, hunters, researchers and investigators with varied skill-sets.  Alright, so how exactly can we apply some of the procedures or the general approach to the investigations that are taking place right now?


'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table

This page contains several tables set up as categories in a tree graph style.  Start at the top of each table and make one choice from the next line down to find the meter you are interested in learning about.  This is an ever changing list, so check back often!


EMF Meters 102

As we start this opinion editorial 102, I'll assume that you have already progressed through the first to 'required' readings, Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101, and EMF Meters 101.  To review, we have established what we are using scientific equipment for, and one main reason we are monitoring electromagnetic fields in our investigation location.  This op ed we will discuss the second main reason we should be monitoring electromagnetic fields during our investigations. 


EMF Meters 103

Let's address another very serious question but one that is a bit more straight forward to answer.  Why should we want to monitor electromagnetic fields during investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena?  Why indeed!  Many theories abound, but we will focus on just one experimentally substantiated by Dr. Michael Persinger. 


The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

"Are certain reports of hauntings caused by magnetically-induced hallucinations? That is the question MADS is designed to answer."  That's right off of the MADS (Magnetic Anomaly Detection System) website.  We've got a basic hypotheses including a posed question along with the scientific equipment to experimentally investigate reports of hauntings.  This will then be used to substantiate the the hypotheses, change the hypotheses, or prove the hypotheses wrong.  This folks is science.

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