The Annual Ghost Hunters Christmas Gift List For Christmas 2011


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~December 2011~

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'Holy' Ghost Key-Chain Flashlight!

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Gift Ideas For

Ghost Hunters!

Christmas 2011


-Top Christmas Presents for your Ghost Hunter in 2011-

USB Wall Outlet Charger!

USB Wall Outlet Charger Christmas Gift

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 USB Wall Outlet Charger

As Ghost Hunter's we've got a lot of tech laying around.  This little invention makes it super easy to charge up before a ghost hunt!  Just plug in!

Magic Wand TV Remote!

Magic Wand TV Remote Christmas Present

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 Magic Wand TV Remote

A wand - that changes TV channels!  Need we say more?  It's on my x-mass list to be picked up this Black Friday.

All My Friends Are Dead.

All My Freinds Are Dead Ghost Hunters Gift Book

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 All My Friends Are Dead

Catchy title.  This is quite apt for the avid ghost hunter.  Learn to laugh at the inevitable in this illustrated humor book for adults!

Zombie Christmas Ornament!

Zombie Christmas Ornament 2011

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 Zombie Christmas Ornament

Zombie snowflakes!  Great now I have another thing to have night terrors about.  Making snow angles will never be the same again.


Anatomical Heart Necklace

Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace for Christmas

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  I heart you will never be the same again. Great for x-mass or Valentines!

Video Camera LED Flashlight

DVR Flashlight for Christmas 2011

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 DVR Video LED Flashlight

A full 9 Watt LED super bright, water proof AND records video!  Every ghost hunter uses flashlights, now they can record their hunts.

Moon Wall Light

Moon Wall Light Christmas Gift

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 Moon Wall Light

I don't know if it's my inner child or my inner nerd that wants this more?  This even changes lunar phases!  Educational, interactive and cool.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper Funny Christmas Gift

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 Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

Hey, everybody...well ya know!  Ghost hunters work in the dark.  This might actually come in handy!


Jedi Robe

Jedi Robe Christmas Gift for Ghost Hunters

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 Jedi Robe

I've never worn a robe in my life, but I want this.  "These aren't the droids you're looking for."


Zombie Survival Playing Cards

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Playing Cards for Christmas

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 Zombie Apocalypse Playing Cards

Worried about zombies? Not a problem!  Study up while playing cards, practical for before and after the zombie apocalypse.

Video Projecting Digital Camera

Best Digital Camera of 2011 for Christmas

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 Video Projecting Digital Camera

Seriously, even if this works only 50% as advertised, it is still 110% cooler than your camera.


Zombie Door Stop

Zombie Door Stop for Christmas

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 Zombie Door Stop

Not just a cool Halloween decoration, but a functional door stop!  Plus it sorta looks like miniature zombies are crawling under the

Light Up Umbrella

Light Up Umbrella for Christmas 2011

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 Light Up Umbrella

Not exactly a light saber, but way close enough for me to want it.

Glass Skull Drinking Cup

Glass Skull Drinking Cup Christmas Present

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 Glass Skull Drinking Cup

Is it wrong that I want this and that I'm a vegetarian?

Pocket Survival Tool Kit

Pocket Survival Tool Kit for Christmas Stocking Stuffer

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 Pocket Survival Tool Kit

Ghost Hunters are often tweaking equipment on investigations, far away from civilization.  This is a functional and cool gift idea.


Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles for Ghost Hunters Christmas

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 Night Vision Goggles

'Nough said.'

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Deluxe Ghost Hunter Kit for Christmas

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 Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit

Don't know what the ghost hunter on your list has?  Done.  Just pull the trigger on this and they won't be disappointed.  I've got a few of these hard sided cases for my gear and they are super handy for many hobbies including hauling your ghost hunting equipment from house to car, to investigation and back again!

Dinosaur Skull Staple Remover

Dinosaur Skull Staple Remover Christmas Gift

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 Dinosaur Skull Staple Remover

Be honest, you've pretended that your staple remover was a fang filled mouth before.  Take it to the next level!


Rechargeable USB Battery

Rechargeable USB Battery for Christmas Gift

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 USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Charge up from any USB port, then throw them in anything that uses AA batteries! Green and guaranteed to impress any geek on your gift list!

That's Not Your Mommy Anymore

Zombie Childrens Book for Christmas 2011

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 That's Not Your Mommy Anymore

I told you zombies were huge!  They're everywhere...well, not yet.  This Dr. Seuss styled book is laugh-out-loud funny!  Recommended 7 year olds+

Pillow TV Remote

Pillow TV Remote Unique Christmas Gifts

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Pillow TV Remote  

Never loose the remote again!  Great little conversation piece for guests.

Coolest Night Light Ever

Glow In The Dark Night Light Christmas Present

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 Coolest Night Light Ever

Globes glow after the power is turned off!  Green for the environment, and saves you green...CASH that is, wasn't sure that was clear.

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We are continually improving our quality online super store.  We are very proud of the fact we've been in business, offering great deals on cutting edge technology for over a decade now. 

With over 4,000 published pages on the Internet, dating back to 1997, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of technology research, investigation, techniques, and theories.  Noah Voss, founder and author has been researching and investigating a wide variety of technologies for decades (some of his adventures here in The Legend Trippers Journal ).

FREE Articles

Recently we have begun posting some op ed pieces to combat the ever increasing tendency of less than perfect postulations concerning the paranormal field of study and investigation (ghost hunting, ghost hunters, ghost hunting tools, ghost hunter equipment and so on).  This developing tendency is just to big to capsulate into one single page.  Below are some editorials that range from our personal rants on industry issues, including ghost hunting, to more scholarly scientific journal type entries, to that of a simple opinion editorial.  We highly recommend that you start at the top and finish in that order at the bottom!  Enjoy below, the title of the op ed along with a brief snippet from the body of the piece:

Ghost Hunting Gear List now with images!

Click on any of the over 100 pictured ghost hunting pieces of equipment to be taken to a brief article.  Each article specific to that ghost hunting tool, including images, history, and how best to apply it to your next ghost hunt.  Can't wait to use them, then click on the links right in the article to purchase through the world's first ghost hunting store! 


Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101

Not ghost detectors.  We'll save the fact that:

#1. Ghosts have not been universally agreed upon in definition—ever.

#2.  No one has ever discovered a scientific piece of equipment that can quantifiably detect ghosts (see #1).

We'll be saving the above two painfully obvious facts and the myriad of implications all for numerous other editorials.  Today we are looking at paranormal investigating equipment as a whole. 


EVP 101 - The Human Variable

The proliferation of EVP on the ghost shows has brought on an overwhelming number of inquiries at  We thought it was high time that we throw our opinion in the already very opinionated area of electronic voice phenomena.


EMF Meters 101

I'm sorry to have miss lead you.  Yes the purpose of this op ed is to share knowledge on EMF (electromagnetic field 'for now') meters.  However we need to start even before the EMF meter is in hand.  Wait...that's not far enough back, we need to start even before the word leaves our mouth. 


Paranormal Investigating Equipment 102

In paranormal investigating equipment 101 we discussed a generalized scientific approach focused heavy on quantifiable data.  The formation of an institute to act as a holding of research archives and focused on disseminating quality knowledge would aid in accomplishing this.  That's all fine and well, but not a current reality. 

So what do we have today?  A magnitude of fragmented, cross-demographical, hunters, researchers and investigators with varied skill-sets.  Alright, so how exactly can we apply some of the procedures or the general approach to the investigations that are taking place right now?


'Electromagnetic field' meter Comparison Table

This page contains several tables set up as categories in a tree graph style.  Start at the top of each table and make one choice from the next line down to find the meter you are interested in learning about.  This is an ever changing list, so check back often!


EMF Meters 102

As we start this opinion editorial 102, I'll assume that you have already progressed through the first to 'required' readings, Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101, and EMF Meters 101.  To review, we have established what we are using scientific equipment for, and one main reason we are monitoring electromagnetic fields in our investigation location.  This op ed we will discuss the second main reason we should be monitoring electromagnetic fields during our investigations. 


EMF Meters 103

Let's address another very serious question but one that is a bit more straight forward to answer.  Why should we want to monitor electromagnetic fields during investigations into reports of paranormal phenomena?  Why indeed!  Many theories abound, but we will focus on just one experimentally substantiated by Dr. Michael Persinger. 


The Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

"Are certain reports of hauntings caused by magnetically-induced hallucinations? That is the question MADS is designed to answer."  That's right off of the MADS (Magnetic Anomaly Detection System) website.  We've got a basic hypotheses including a posed question along with the scientific equipment to experimentally investigate reports of hauntings.  This will then be used to substantiate the the hypotheses, change the hypotheses, or prove the hypotheses wrong.  This folks is science.

Over 100 unique UFO reports inside the book!

UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by Noah Voss

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By Enterprises Founder  Noah Voss!



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