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 The Ghost Resource Center is designed to help direct you to some website's on the World Wide Web today that are focused on the phenomena while keeping your information well rounded.  Not just a glorified links page as we will attempt to address some common questions and inquiries we receive here at and through our other paranormal online entities.  Below you will find a resource of web sites and various starting points that list the history of ghosts around the world from present day to thousands of years into the past.  

 A few thoughts on the "Ghost Hunter"

Exploratory scientific investigator could perhaps be a more accurate title for how we view a true paranormal investigator.  We see using the equipment listed on going something like this: Take readings in your investigation location, establish a normal baseline over an extended period of time, watch data for anomalies over another extended period of time, create testable theories around average and anomalous data that could support reported experiences, test those theories.  That's it folks.  There are specific theories already in existence that do require specialized equipment to test.  One such theory discussed in great detail on is the MADS project.



 Well folks we know you're probably searching for answers.  The best response we have for most inquiries for answers, are do the research yourself and thoroughly, then investigate extensively.  Draw your own conclusions based on the FACTS that you have found, then maybe base a theory off of that, which is most probable and logical being able to be backed up by your documented facts (as making claims and creating theories goes right along with having people look at your research and data, this is normal and good for us all usually).  We will hold off the pictures side by side comparison for now.  Unfortunately the majority of evidence that we find labeled as 'vortex's', 'portals' or 'ectoplasmic string' for example is in reality quite re-creatable using the common camera strap, blade of your local grassy weed or article of clothing. 

We receive a fair amount of questions from visitors looking for possible recommendations for further research on many subject matters.  Again our general guide line recommendations are to not take any ONE person or organizations recommendations.  That is a good way to end up short sighted on your endeavors in most anything in life.  Read and research often and alot. 


'Ghost' History

Learning about ghostly history encompassing an area as large as the world may be a complicated endeavor.  It is constantly opinionated, almost always vague and ever evolving.  The interpretation of ghosts typically changes along with the sociology of the region in question.  Similar analogies have been used in the UFO field as to what people might theorize are being seen in the skies, in some ancient times it was gods, later some saw it as angelic, in the late 1800s most Americans thought them to be flying machines the result of mans ingenuity for invention or for warfare.  In more recent times most UFOs are thought by the general public to be misidentifications of secret government craft, or alien life forms in advance technology.  So what does this have to do with ghosts?  In our experience it is grossly overlooked that ghosts have not been widely agreed upon in definition let alone a scientific piece of equipment that can detect them.  Just as it was a known "fact" for entire generations that those unidentified things in the sky were gods, as it is now continually mistaken that ghosts are real.  This is an assumption not founded in science. 

Typically this assumed reality is based upon subjective experiences that are not quantified, and most times not even qualified statements of belief.  Now we don't mean to be singling out any one belief system, but if you are here looking to objectively investigate claims of paranormal phenomena then we need to establish a similar starting point.  This starting point for us is in the reality that the existence of ghosts is only one out of many potential possibilities.  Even that attempt to establish a starting point brings into sharp focus the widely varying understandings of what a "ghost" is.  We started to discuss what a UFO has been to societies past, and "ghosts" are no different.  The belief is as varied as the people who form a thought about the idea.  Some have a concept that a "ghost" is now what a person used to be prior to dying.  Other still might consider a "ghost" to be an evil entity, more like a demon.  While a debunker could consider a "ghost" to be a arcane belief constructed to incorrectly explain observations made of our environment.  These are just a few of the many interpretations that the word "ghost" has. 

The most haunted place in America, such as New Orleans Louisiana, St. Augustine Florida, Salem Massachusetts, or any area through the original 13 colony region of the United States.  There are many "most" claims getting tossed about.  The reasoning may be obvious; an area such as that full of history would be perhaps a likely place for ghostly phenomena.  Perhaps, depending on what theories you subscribe to as to what a ghost may or may not be.  Moving away from the East we could mention the old ghost towns of the Western United States including the Winchester Mansion in California, Alcatraz ex-Prison in the bay of San Francisco or perhaps the battle fields of Gettysburg. 

It is recommended for those entering or beginning in the 'investigating' end of the paranormal to research historic safe and established places.  Well lit local in town graveyards, historic buildings in your current town, hospitals and schools.  After you have much experience and feel the desire to move on with your well honed skills one may recommend doing research into perhaps 'ghost' towns and closed historic buildings (NOT condemned) as described on and similar content sites.  (*HOWEVER these types of areas can be an extremely dangerous to physically visit typically containing many hazards that take more than one expert in one field to handle correctly, not just speaking paranormal here either folks).

Searching for 'ghost towns' turns up quite a bit of info most of it not all that relative if you don't actually live in the western half of the United States.  You can with a fair amount of research (again using just one of those highly honed skills you have built upon) through your own state's Historical Society.  Simply Google or use your personal favorite internet search engine and query "put your state here State Historical Society".  What about the rest of the globe, certainly there are other places of ancient historic significance.  The whole of Europe dotted with old cottages and ancient Celtic ruins.  Mid-Evil time castles a nest of activity along with the regions acceptance of there ghostly residents.   We could go into many areas and ancient festivals such as India's "Hungry Ghost Festival" with origins as early as 502 A.D. found at and we will in time.  We are aware of many local ghost genre festivals around the country and we're sure you have heard of some in your area, please feel free to shoot us an Email if you have one to share at

Not looking at the history of the ghost's themselves necessarily here rather the history of ghost or paranormal investigators.  When speaking of this area of historic ghost investigators the first name for many is Harry Price.  Check out for a great surmised timeline of Mr. Price and some of his more popular investigations documented on Troy Tailors web site. Mr. Taylor also puts on an interesting conference every year in great surroundings that most of the folks here at Enterprises try to attend.  Watch for us and say hi if we're there! 

We aren't going to get into an opinionated battle here of who's who in the field today.  We'll keep it short and sweet, with the full knowledge that we can't mention everyone here.  With that in mind to date Mr. Loyd Auerbach who's web site can be found at has been in the field for some time and is one of the few around still practicing, in the 'lime light' and with actual collegic credentials as a parapsychologist before it was done away with [The only accredited Master’s degree program in parapsychology in the country (in fact, in the whole Western hemisphere) was at John F. Kennedy University until the late 1980s when it closed *right from Mr. Auerbach's site].  He is also an excellent speaker and if you get the opportunity we would recommend you take seeing him present.  Along the same lines of Harry Price and Mr. Loyd Auerbach is the 'American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.  There website can be found at  Check it out and learn more about the United States (international ties also) longest known running 'psychical' (paranormal) focused organization. 

In most of our opinions here at, Dr. Persinger's findings are potentially the most important discovery to the paranormal field of study to occur in the 20th century.  The MADS project was the next logical step from the Dr's findings and was another gigantic step forward for the field of study as a whole.  We would speculate that it could be the most important step forward in the 21st century, though it is still early.      

So far MADS has had two published investigations using the technology in its new application.  For further reading we all would highly recommend Maurice Townsend's "Magnetic Hallucinations"   and Jason J. Braithwaite and Maurice Townsend published investigation of an English castle using the MADS system in the "European Journal of Parapsychology" Volume 20.1, pages 65-78 ISSN: 0168-7263, titled "Research Note: Sleeping With the Entity – A Quantitative Magnetic Investigation of an English Castle’s Reputedly ‘Haunted’ Bedroom."  


Governments and ghosts

Well unfortunately not much to say here.  There hasn't been to much made public, even at the conspiracy level as far as ghosts go.  Sure the different governments of the world have plunged into ESP and UFO's however the rest of the paranormal has been fairly non-eventful.  The colleges of the United States had at one time been offering a higher level of studies in regards to ghosts and paranormal more along the lings of parapsychological degrees.  Now as of this posting we are left with some interest over seas, some online educational 'certificates' offered by non-accredited organizations, and research institutes.  The Rhine Institute should be mentioned here for there long time research into PSI and other paranormal aspects of our environment.  Some of there work started as early as 1935 here in the United States and can be viewed at  


Contacting 'Ghost' Focused Organizations

Do your research and ask questions.  If you are reading this from a stand point of someone interested in the possibility of having an organization investigate your possible paranormal situation.  A good resource no matter what your origin of need of paranormal organizations is Google's Directory found at  That link will already take you to a search that we performed for you, and if you follow the links according to your desires we'll say looking for investigators state side in your specific state, well they have them listed (most of them).  Checking out there directory (or others, most every search engine has this feature) and searching for yourself to fit your specific current need will get you more 'direct' results, check it out and be patient the info is out there. 


 Ghostly News 

This section will give some up to date news coverage on developing and historic ghost related stories in world wide associated press agencies publications.  For further news stories on paranormal related topics check out our "In The News".  Another good source for ghostly and paranormal related news can be found on and 


The Ghosts Newswire From

Ghosts cast darker shade on store

Staff and customers at a lighting shop in North East Lincolnshire have been turning a whiter shade of pale after a spate of ghostly goings-on.

‘Haunts‘ that freak the citizens

It was just after sunset. Priya went about her usual chores preparing dinner for that night. When she passed the dinning room of her house, she felt a sudden draft of chill. Ignoring it, she went into the kitchen. Just as she stepped in, she saw an apparition of a lady standing behind the kitchen door.

Enchanting Virginia town offers picturesque trails and ghost tales

Not so long ago, townspeople say, actor Ned Beatty was chased out of the dressing room by the ghost of a Confederate soldier.

Exorcising the lost sole

A VICAR has been called in to get rid of a ghost who has become obsessed -- by a pair of shoes in a shop.

Bay Area ghostbusters take on paranormal

Forget Linda Blair twisting her head in circles and vomiting green pea soup. Most exorcisms are not the stuff of cinematic nightmares.



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