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Ghost Hunting Ultraviolet Lights

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Ultraviolet Light- Also known as black Light or UV Light or even a Wood's lamp.  These can be utilized for several theories while ghost hunting.  A small battery powered unit will be sufficientUltraviolet Lights affecting an EMF meter in most cases.  A black light may be used to aid in the detection of hoaxing devices sometimes found in a suspected haunted area.    When used properly this light is capable of revealing thin laser lights, fishing line, holograms, transparencies, and other devices sometimes used in paranormal hoaxes. 

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We have also heard some claims that UFO abductees were showing traces of foreign materials on and or in their skin that are sometimes visible under different light spectrums.  In addition this can be used for finding human fluid long cleaned up such as blood. 

Technically speaking a black light will have only a small amount of visible spectrum light emitting.  The wavelength of a black light isUltraviolet light spectrum graph typically around 400-410 nm or nanometers.  For this reason ghost hunters, black lights with a large power source are harmful to human skin and eyes especially. 

Ultraviolet light spectrum graphed.

Straight Ultraviolet light can have wavelengths as short as 10nm or as long as 40nm.  This is usually in conjunction with energies of 3 eV to that of 124 eV.  If you've ever had a sunburn you've encounter ultra violet wavelengths.  Ultra violet gains its name from Latin where "ultra" translates as "beyond."  Ultra violet light is beyond what the human eye can visually detect.  Violet happens to be how the shortest wavelength the human eye can interpret appears.  There are names for each range of ultra violet light as it moves through the wavelength spectrum.  The black light is also known as Ultraviolet A or long wave ultraviolet.  This is the range mentioned earlier of approximately 410nm through 315nm. 

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