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Timepiece- Ghost hunters may not want to rely on your cell phone for the time while on ghost hunts.  If you don't have signal or lose battery you'll also lose potentially important time compared data.  A digital version may be easier to read at a glance since a glance may be all the time you have ifWatch that doubles as a video camera DVR something unusual does occur.  Each ghost hunter should have one with a face that lights for in the field use could be ideal.  Another feature on a watch that could be of some added use would be a stop watch element for timing potential anomalies.  Having an alarm feature may come in handy for those late night ghost hunts and short naps. 


A watch that also doubles as a backup or hidden DVR video camera!


Go above and beyond with multitasking.  Check out some of the newly added watches to's store that double as a video camera!  That's right, never be without video documentation again for your ghost hunts! 


Whatever you decide to take ghost hunting, use this timepiece as an aid to your scientific endeavors.  Recording specific times (to the second, or tenth of a second etc.) may help reveal crucial clues to the source of the reported event and credibility to your work.  Keeping all timepieces used in the investigation synchronized has proven to be significant in P.I.R.O.'s and's experience. 


Synchronizing allows you to record exactly where every ghost hunter was at the time of a possible anomaly and what they experienced if anything in there vicinity.  However for all of this to work properly the investigators must be keeping timely and accurate personal logs of there activity while on investigations.  At first this may seem like a remedial and demeaning task, comparable to just plain busy work but if one is to create that controlled scientific environment to best analyze data recorded most of us feel this is an important step.  Picking up a strange EVP in one room at the specific recorded time is interesting but perhaps after further review you may find that another team member recorded themselves sneezing or a bus passing down the street that may explain the EVP better than a mysterious message from another dimension.  At the same time this may be the exact opposite case.  You may further scrutinize the data and find that no other team member reported anything audible around that time lending more probability to the paranormal in some peoples view.  Not big on writing every little thing down?  Try purchasing an inexpensive digital recorder and dictate the ghost hunt as you go. 


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