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Ghost Hunting Stethoscope

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Stethoscope- Stethoscopes can come in handy on ghost hunts of haunted homes. Great for ghost investigations where one shouldStethoscope for ghost hunting be excluding all known possibilities for reported anomalous happenings. 


Stethoscopes can be useful for sensitive listening in places not accessible


Most of the general public is familiar with at least the stethoscope that your doctor uses to listen to your body (usually lungs and heart).  These types of stethoscopes are fine and will be functional for taking environmentals in the interior and exterior of structural investigations.  There are stethoscopes that are used in large machine industries for numerous things such as trouble shooting what is wrong with a large commercial engine.  Some of these stethoscopes can be used in ghost hunting giving us an added edge to focusing our scope of data collecting.  These stethoscopes have numerous appendages that one can listen through one at a time. The benefit of having several listening devices on one stethoscope will help to narrow down where exactly a noise or sound is resonating from. 


This may allow you to possibly find out that the EVP was really a small leak in a wall that you canít get physically check, (for a bad example).  There are also electronic stethoscopes that have several appendages that are microphones with the typical earpieces that you would normally see.  However some of these stethoscopes allow you to attach a recording device such as your microcassette recorder so you have a recorded copy of what youíre hearing for further analysis and credibility.   


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