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Ghost Hunting Spot Lights

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Spot Light- Spot Lights and ghost hunting.  Illuminate a corn field frequented by Bigfoot, or an entire haunted house. A must for the serious ghost hunter!  What spotlights may lack in portability with heavy weight and bulkiness they make up for in brightnessSpotlight and red filter for ghost hunting and versatility.  Several distinctive features can be used to categorize spotlights, that you will want to use on ghost hunts.  For simplicity we'll use candlepower and power source. 


Spotlight and red filter for preserving night vision for sale on


Let's start with candlepower.  Candlepower is a form of measurement used that tells the brightness level of a light source.  Most spotlights pre-LED ranged from 200,000 to 3 million or more candlepower.  Basically the brighter the better.  The higher the candlepower number the brighter the spotlight will shine.  You'll get noticeable longer distance with a 3 million candlepower than a 200,000.  Unfortunately what you'll also get is less time to use the spotlight.  The higher the candlepower the shorter time the battery will last.  However, since this list was written initially in the 1990s, wow there have been some changes! now carries for sale, spotlights that throw 40 million candlepower and more!  Seriously, 40 million.  Talk about walking around with your own search light/light house.  Many of the big changes in spot light technology is not surprisingly around LEDs.  This has afforded more light, for less cost, weight and the biggest bennefit - length of time before your battery died.  Used to be that a 3 million candle power spotlight would run the best portable battery down in about 15 minutes.  One point that should be made is the newer spotlights, while still getting even over an hour run time and full strength, don't advertise full battery life at full strength.  In other words many companies put in big letters on the box 10 hour run time!  Well that is an adjustable spot light, and in order to get that run time on a single battery charge you need to turn it down to the lowest setting.  This typically turns your spotlight into a really big, heavy flashlight.  Just read the fine print and you'll be a happy educated shopper, and a more satisfied ghost hunter!   


Power sources can have multiple small cells, to singular large cell disposable batteries or if you're lucky, a removable rechargeable battery pack.  A unit with a rechargeable battery may cost a bit more to acquire but over long term use could easily counteract the original investment cost.  The savings are accomplished because spotlights normally consume batteries very quickly because of the large candle power.  Some spotlights require an external power source such as a car's "cigarette" lighter, so be aware of this before purchasing as this obviously may limit the options for use.  For our paranormal needs we recommend a spotlight with a minimum of 1 million candlepower, with a rechargeable battery pack and an optional external power source as needed.  If you have the means, we would highly recommend that when you purchase your spotlight with removable rechargeable battery that you purchase a second battery.  Some batteries as they age, and when used in a high power spotlight might give you less than 20 minutes of lighting before draining.  Think you can wait and get a spare battery later, well maybe not.  New models of spotlights come out regularly and the old spare parts including batteries may not be available the next time you visit the store.  Though in this age of the Internet perhaps you'll be able to find one that would work.  Watch for new LED spotlights and most of this battery issue will be a thing of the past. 


The ghost hunting needs we have used a spotlight for are illuminating an entire room for video cameras (more of a Hollywood practical thing than a scientific thing).  We regularly use spotlights in cryptozoological investigations when we would be illuminating stands of trees several hundred yards away. 


Other features to consider could be resistance to water, some even float, as well as creature comforts such as ergonomically adjustable handles and tripod setups for camp situations.  Some manufactures also make available colored lens attachments.  Using a red attachment on the lens of the spotlight will help you maintain your night vision (be extremely careful if altering with your own attachments for a red filter as spotlights get very hot).  P.I.R.O. does not recommend altering a spotlight for night vision ergonomics with around the house products nor do we personally here at


Choosing a unit with these specifications or better allows you to see well in below average conditions, or through dense terrain as well as saving cost on long term use with limiting the need for replacement batteries.  Now get out there ghost hunters and illuminate the darkness cast over the unknown.


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