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Ghost Hunting Spectrometer

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Spectrometer-  Spectrometers used in the research and investigation of UFOs can be extremely insightful!  Ghost hunters should have on of these varying types of equipment in their ghost hunting tool kit too.  ThisDigital spectrometer for UFOs and ghost hunting instrument when used correctly shows light in its place on the color spectrum allowing you to discern its composition.  Through determining the composition the smart ghost hunter can then ascertain the likely source of the light.  Most spectrometers are gazed through much like a monocular or telescope.


A digital spectrometer can be indispensable for the serious UFOlogist or ghost hunter


Light radiates from many sources.  Sources such as the sun (produced by the nuclear fusion of metals and chemicals), a house hold light bulb (produced by the applying of electricity to a metal restrictor [the filament]), or neon lights at the neighborhood bar (produced by the application of electricity to a gas [neon in this case] creating a chemical reaction that radiates light.  Every known form of light gives off an equally Simple spectrometer for ghost hunting and ufo researchknown and distinctive color pattern from the color spectrum. 


A spectrometer that is simply viewed through for the diffracted light spectrum, much less expensive.


When a spectrometer is pointed at a light source it shows the light as a specific pattern from the light spectrum that can later be compared to all the known light patterns.  What this does is allow the ghost hunter to discern what type of metal, chemical, or whatever it may have been that was producing the light.  This is a crucial piece of equipment for the devout UFOlogist among you. 


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