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Spares- We have kept this on our list for years because the newer ghost hunters can learn from our mistakes made over decades. Spare batteries and parts for ghost hunting Having enough backups of everything because things never go exactly as planned on ghost hunts.  Always make sure you have enough film for your cameras (video and or still), batteries for every different piece of equipment, and audiotapes, new and unused for most reliable data, and we should probably add all the new digital formats such as SD cards etc.  In these situations get into a habit of not even unwrapping the original unused film or whatever it may be until you load it into the equipment.  If it happens not to come in a wrapping or a discernable package P.I.R.O. recommends using a noticeable piece of tape. 

Spare parts, including batteries are very important for ghost hunters

If your warranties allow you may want to take a small tool kit.  Something with small head screwdrivers and maybe some electrical tape.  Many battery compartments even are only accessible by removing screws and you might be happy you had the option.  Please we aware not to undertake a major fix in the field.  Many of these scientific pieces of equipment have alternative power sources, and capacitors that can deliver painful or deadly electrical shocks.  Ghost hunting requires more work than less to do correctly. 

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We will continually be adding information to the above item as resources permit.  We have started creating some additional knowledge centers on paranormal investigating equipment in general and for the EMF meter.  We have included some links below to start you on your way.  The EMF topic is just to big to capsulate into one single page.  Below are some editorials that range from our personal rants on industry issues, to more scholarly scientific journal type entries, to that of a simple opinion editorial.  We highly recommend that you start at the top and finish in that order at the bottom!  Enjoy:


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