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Salt- Salt has had metaphysical properties placed upon it, whether deserving or not, for centuries.  Historically many uses on aSalt used historically for metephysical ghost hunts ghost hunt, both observationally objective and metaphysically mysterious. 


Salt was historically used in metaphysical approached ghost hunts.


Using salt as a tool for investigating reports of paranormal phenomena may be a thing for the history books.  Salt can be used to line the perimeter of room revealing any movement by showing the disturbance in the salt that was evenly tossed and not easily fixed if disturbed.  This can reveal hidden doors and passageways as well as unknown or unwanted guest of any sort.  Salt is chosen for this task because of its generally lower cost and inability to float into the air to cause confusing physical anomalies (as long as the salt is not crushed into a powder by getting stepped on and the brushed into the air, please be aware). 


These are some old school ghost hunting techniques.

Salt, originally natural coarse sea salt is believed by some people to have paranormal powers to control supernatural events.  Some people who practice witchcraft may use salt in rituals as a binding force for spirits whether it is to protect themselves or bind a spirit for their bidding.  There are many witchcraft spells and rituals that call for sea salt to be used as a protecting force, such as “the casting of the circles” ritual. 



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