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Ghost Hunting Rope

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Rope- When heading into unknown and unusual parts on a ghost hunt one can't be too prepared.  Again we are not envisioning you being in a nice neighborhood for a few hours and needing a rope at a reported haunted house.  This is a toolUtility rope for ghost hunting needed on those ghost investigations that take you to the great out of doors. 


Utility rope can be useful to have around on ghost hunts


Given the opportunity, have available a mold and rot resistant rope.  The higher the weight rating and longer the length the more varied situations you'll be prepared for.  Most ropes sold pre-packaged come in a length of 50 to 100 feet.  This length is appropriate for many situations and can get quite heavy if opting for anything longer.  Be sure that if the rope is to be used for any person's support or any possible life or injury-threatening situation that you research with adequate and qualified professionals first. 


Using the correct rope is like using the correct sized wrench.  Use the wrong one for the wrong job and it just doesn't work.  If this job involves lifting anything, especially overhead, doubly especially a person, the consequences could be deadly. 


As in the case of the compass and maps mentioned earlier, the same outdoor equipment stores will most likely have climbing classes that will help you in getting started learning the appropriate techniques. 


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