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Two Way Radio- Thankfully for the ghost hunter, prices have decreased on multiple channel two-way talking radios.  The prices have gone down but the options have gone up.  Two way radios for ghost huntingThese are perfect for ghost hunting.

For most situations we used to recommend a model with a range of at least two miles.  Now for the same price as those ten years ago, you can purchase some right here at like pictured.  Those claim a 36 mile range!  You will never be out of range from your fellow ghost hunters again. 

Two way radios, camouflaged ready for out door ghost hunting

Not only that but they are water proof to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes (though I would never recommend testing that, just know they'll probably be okay in light rain, or dropped in the snow).  A back-lit display, and a jack for a head set are a near necessity for the active ghost hunter.  The head set has an ear piece so you can hear and a microphone for you to respond and makes using the radios much more efficient. 

The two-mile range is pretty much an industry standard and anything less is undesirable for most situations.  In the last few years the new industry standard would probably fall more around the ten-mile range.  These distances are not line of site reception however; hills, buildings, walls, and forest all can dramatically lessen the working distance between ghost hunters.  A back-lit display gives you in-the-field ease of use but make sure you have the control of turning on and off the backlight (again for interference with your data recording devices like cameraís as well as effecting your night vision not to mention battery drain).  The newer models, such as the ones for sale on are also using vibration options instead of calling audible.  Cool stuff!  The ghost hunters here at have got to update their ghost hunting radios. 

The headset jack feature allows the ghost hunter to lug a manufacturer recommended headset into the two-way radio.  This headset has an ear piece or two just like you would find on a Walkman or Discman or an MP3 player but in addition has a microphone.  This may be similar to the hands free cell phone kits required in some states to use while driving.  Using this setup gives you hands free use of the two-way radio.  You donít have to push the button on the original unit to speak you just speak and listen as you wish (this is the VOX setting only).  The VOX technology does not always function as advertised and may be advisable to simply use the push to talk along with the headset.  Using the VOX setting will inevitably cause much distracting radio chatter of information that was never meant to be broadcasted.  Every other cough, sneeze, door closing, throat clearing, private conversation will be broadcasted over the radio when VOX is activated.  This is not an ideal condition for ghost hunting.  In other words we have found it best to work with a hands free set but leaving it push to talk.    

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