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Ghost Hunting Polaroid Camera

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Polaroid Camera- Ahh, yes we remember them well.  Ghost hunters from the 1980s and earlier will remember this cutting edge technology.  We still have several rolling around our equipment cases, that we do break out for the occasional ghost hunt.  Sadly it has becomePolaroid camera for ghost hunting increasingly difficult to find Polaroid camera film.  Still works great on ghost hunts, and more ghost hunters should be documenting things in film and digital camera files both. 

Newer Polaroid Camera and film, for sale here!

A Polaroid camera changes light variations into images on a light sensitive film with immediate developing.  This type of camera provides investigators with data for immediate review onsite.  The camera’s themselves are fairly inexpensive however you may notice a price increase while buying the film compared to more traditional 35mm film.  We also like the convenience of being able to file pictures of witnesses with the corresponding written interviews and alike documents. 

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