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Microphone- Microphones for ghost hunting EVP work. This is a MUST for electronic voice phenomena research.  Using an external microphone has many positive points that lend to a higher credibility with ones peers.  Recording at any time under any conditions with the internally mounted microphone that comes stock with any recorder can lead to “confusing” data.  This isMicrophones used for EVP research on ghost hunts exceptionally poignant when using tape based recorders.


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First and foremost while collecting EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon with the internal stock microphone can yield confusing and less credible data.  These are very important to use on ghost hunts.  The internal microphone can actually record its own internal parts moving creating many unusual sounds that may be mistaken for other worldly things such as EVP’s.  The other main reason we don't bother with the internal stock microphone is that it's not usually capable of capturing the wide range of noise that happen on varying frequencies and volumes.  Noise or sound is measured by frequency in hertz and volume in decibels (more on this under the External Microphone). 


The human ear can on average notice audible frequencies between 20htz and 20,000htz.  Using a microphone with a capture capability above and or below these frequencies would be ideal for monitoring sounds not perceived by the ghost hunters ears.  These human noticeable frequencies have a volume or an intensity of 0db to around 130db (we can hear higher however lasting damage can ensue).  Also generally agreed upon is the average level of sound that the human voice is capable of producing.  The ranges are from as low as 100Hz to as high as 10,000Hz. There are extra features such as camera mounts and multiple sound gathering settings that one can also look for while shopping for a microphone.  Some microphones have on unit batteries and other require an external power source.  Using a microphone with an on unit battery is ideal if it also has a low battery notification, all the better. 


In your ghost hunting research you could come across microphones with large foam looking covers.  This is normally a wind cover, and could be very useful if you are ever outside on your ghost hunts.  Some microphones are mono, others stereo.  Stereo is a must for ghost hunting whenever possible.  Typically the stereo are more expensive but we would recommend this style if you can afford it.  Other microphones may even have on unit options such as "tele" or "normal."  These extra options are nice to grow into if you can afford the features.  These extra options are nice if you plan on using the microphone for dual purposes such as attaching to your video camera when you are not using for EVP work.  Interested in trying your hand at taking EVPs on your next paranormal investigation? carries many digital based recorders, tape and microcassette based recorders, free audio analyzing software, many metaphysical EVP tools as well as several spirit communication packages.


The eventual digitizing of your recordings will allow you to analyze the data with computer software for potential anomalies.  We at and P.I.R.O. (Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization) both had worked with EVPs in the late 1980s through the 1990s.  At this time we use tape recorders and digital recorders as a way for each ghost hunter to document the investigation at their specific location.  The nature of EVP work is inherently flawed and wrought with variables to expensive to manage for most.  In our opinion it takes a supreme understanding of many scientific and experimental disciplines in order to objectively investigate in this area.


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