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Maps- It's easy to get turned around while ghost hunting especially at night, even in a familiar area.  If you are already onsite and without a map one might try pursuing such avenues as gas stations, city chamber of commerce, any tourism center whether it be for the city, county orMaps used on ghost huntsstate to acquire one.  Another option if you are unable to find your way to your desired destination around a township of any size is to utilize city parks and state trails that usually have maps of surrounding areas (usually for free and accessible 24/7). 


If you are able to research your ghost hunting area before you leave try scouring libraries (as in more than one), and on the Internet any search engines (again donít give up after the first search engine).  In the cases of unique and unpopulated land, we've had good luck with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The state tourism office is usually very willing to help you find what you're looking for or someone who could help you since it is basically there job to get people into the state and spend money. 


A City map of Stavanger, Norway.


If planning to use a map for navigation and P.I.R.O. both highly recommend that one be learned in how to properly and fully use one.  Orienteering classes will teach you how to use a compass in connection to a map appropriately and are available from most outdoors recreational equipment stores.  If you search enough for a class you can probably find one that doesn't cost much if anything at all.


Now maps could also mean, the eventual mapping of the ghost hunting investigation scene.  Arming yourself with an inexpensive home decorating software, or home remodeling software is the most economical we have found thus far.  These software's typically allow the user to input raw data such as room dimensions.  The software then generates the room on the screen to that scale.  You can move out from there with most software by including the entire home, with different floors and the surrounding yard in a few.  This could also be done with general woods and roadway investigations assuming the software will allow it.  If not watch for more landscaping focused software.  Gone are the days of graph paper and rulers it would seem.  This does allow for additionally rigorous data to be compiled and compared, though we have noticed the trend moving away from this detailed research and investigation.  


Don't forget the added benefits of using a larger city map as pictured above during some point of your ghost hunting investigation.  We here at have found these to be very useful in plotting out other variables that may affect our investigation site.  Some of the obvious ones are public bus routes, industrial parks, rail ways (elevated or below ground), airports, draw bridges, quarries and much more.  The ghost hunter must not only monitor their immediate ghost hunting site, but the further surrounding area too!


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