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Ghost Hunting Light Meter

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Light Meter- Most light meters will give you a reading of the intensity of visible light at the eye of the meter.  Documenting this information can become very important for the avid ghost hunter.  You can spend more money and purchase meters that have PC interface or even more money and find meters that monitor light spectrums not seen with our unaided eye.  Ghost hunting gear, light meters

Light meters come in varying sizes, shapes, quality and with different features.  For those investigators looking to monitor yet another aspect of their ghost hunting investigation environment and those with the resources, you have some options.  Light meters basically monitor the amount of visible light that reaches the unit sensor.  Moving past visible light a ghost hunter can invest in additional equipment such as an ultraviolet light sensor.  This sensor accomplishes the same basic thing however with the non-visible ultraviolet light spectrum. 

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Ideally here again we are now looking at equipment that is as feature rich as possible.  Meters with real-time data acquisition (sampling rate) coupled with data logging via a computer interface would be best for later examination of the ghost hunting investigation. 

Absent of specific theories being tested, the light meter still helps us monitor another variable that could later be used to explain reported paranormal experiences.  Learning as much about the environment that our ghost investigations occur in, lends us a greater possibility to notice patterns, or other explanations for any anomalies being investigated.       


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