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Ghost Hunting Laser Grids

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Laser Grids- The general thought behind using a laser grid system while ghost hunting seems to stem from the hopes of more easily monitoring an area of a ghost investigation location for visual anomalies.  The thought that if 'something' movesLaser grid shown as used on a ghost hunt through the area between the laser grid emulator and where the laser grid is shown against, it will be more easily noticed.  Many ghost hunters now place these laser grids shinning against a wall opposite a camcorder. 


Laser grids have become more popular with ghost hunters in the last few years


Most laser pointers are used on paranormal investigations focused on such topics UFOs or cryptozoological.  As one could imagine while on a UFO investigation, pointing things out in the large sky above to a colleague can be difficult.  Especially when UFOs don't seem to stick around.  It must be stated that one should never point any laser pointer at any flying craft directly. This can be very hazardous to the passengers eyes, even at a great distance.  Additionally important is the pilot and crew who could become temporarily blinded by the laser intensity.  Arrests have been made for people pointing laser pointers at flying craft.  It has been our practice if needed on a true UFO sighting to circle the object with a laser pointer, in order to direct peoples attention to it.  


Lasers come a range of different colors, housing styles, and most importantly power or intensities.  The more easily found colors are red and green.  There are more in the violet or 'purple' spectrum along with blue, becoming available to the general market.  Even orange and yellow have become commercially available. 


Laser diagram revealing the inside of a laser grid

Laser diagram's inner workings, courtesy of Chris Chen.


Commonly the power ranges found on commercially available laser pointers is in the range of 5 milliwatts (mW) or less.  These power ranges are typically agreed upon to be generally safe, and less harmful to the human eye.  However with the advent of the Internet it has become increasingly easy to purchase laser pointers with power levels of 100mW or greater.  These can and have caused permanent eye damage.  Think of these as a weapon, and just as with a traditional gun, never...ever point it anywhere that you would never want it to go off at.


If you do plan on using a laser pointer on UFO investigations or searching your local open fields for creatures less than identified we would recommend a green laser pointer.  If the reason you are implementing a laser pointer is to visually bring attention to a certain location, so others may train their data colleting equipment (video camera, spot light ect), then you will likely want the beam itself to remain visible and not just the dot when it is pointed at something solid.  Due to an effect called Rayleigh scattering the green laser and blue lasers are additionally visible even in clean air.  Though in our experience the blue does tend to be more difficult to see the beam when compared to the green. 


The folks at P.I.R.O. and really like the idea of including a small green laser in everyone's first aid kit.  They are highly visible and for very long distances.  As a ghost hunter, you never know where you'll end up!  In an emergency situation, especially at night, you may be very glad you picked one up.         


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Definition- Paranormal Investigator



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