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Ghost Hunting Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Thermometer- Infrared contact-free digital thermometer, IR Thermometer and many other names, especially in the ghost hunting field.  This type of thermometer uses light at the infrared end of the spectrum to reflect off of an object at a known rate giving the temperature without ever physically touching the surface.  I'mInfrared thermometers held in ghost hunters hand happy to report that is now offering for sale several super featured IR Thermometers.  Ghost hunting with new models these will never be the same.  We have multiple options if you are interested in investing in a dual laser infrared thermometer.  In addition we have IR thermometers that offer a 50:1 ratio!  This will result in very specific ghost hunting data.  That means you can take even more accurate temperature readings at even further distances.  Not only do we have USB interfaced IR thermometers with software, but also offer real time data logging on some models right to your computer.  Even further we offer one model that has a WiFi connector that comes with it so you can wirelessly document your readings right to your laptop on the ghost hunting investigation location!  Wow, we have come a long way since the days we here at walked around investigation locations waiting for our mercury filled thermometers to settle on a number.

Infrared Thermometers for sale, Photography by Noah Voss

The biggest misconception about this piece of equipment seems to be that you can get an accurate reading from any distance. Not true. The distance to accuracy ratio of the temperature readings being displayed is intimately connected. Say for example the + or - accuracy from the distance the reading was taken.  This information will be with the specific infrared thermometer that you purchased.  Before you go on your first ghost hunt with the new equipment, make sure you read all the instructions!

Another popular misconception is very similar even though most infrared thermometers have the ratio printed right on the meter.  For example, every 2 inches distance from the surface you are reading the temperature of there is a 1 inch diameter section you are sampling.  So at say four feet, you have a large section of the wall you are getting an average reading of.  This sweeping average may not lend itself to finding specific anomalies, natural or unknown.  The higher quality infrared thermometers have a narrower ratio, perhaps around 10 to 1.    

This thermometer is nice to use in the field while ghost hunting as most now have a back lit option with a large digital display that can read to the tenths or hundredths.  For now know that you can purchase models with or with out a lighted laser sighting as they are typically called.  This means on infrared thermometers with the laser sighting you are able to see a red dot when the thermometer is activated.  On those without the laser sighting you will save a little money and only lose the colored laser sighting but typically no other capabilities. 

Infrared Thermometer Laser Sighting, Photography by Noah Voss

Spend some more money on these meters and you will have an additionally accurate reading at a greater distance.  Please bear in mind that the temperature reading that these give are for the surface of the object only.  Our most popular model of infrared thermometer is a allows for a K-Type probe to be attached offering air temperature readings along with surface temperature readings at the same time.  This is an invaluable feature we highly recommend.  For those that follow Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi Channel, they got the nicest unit they use from us here at!  Though the last time we saw it, the unit was in the hand of a guest star wrestler who was using his empty hand to feel for cold spots, sigh. 


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