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Ghost Hunting Four Lens 35mm Camera

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Four Lens Camera- Using a multiple lens camera for ghost hunting can be very rewarding.  A regular 35mm camera along with paper and pencils are how most of us here at started at a young age visiting places with reports of the paranormal.  These 4 lens cameras are a bit different but perfect for ghost hunters on a budget.    Four lens cameras for ghost hunting


A specialty camera with four lenses for sale, used for ghost hunting


If you've never looked into this niche market, prepared to be amazed!  Cameras with 4 lenses, 8 lenses, or 9 lenses.  These were 'made' for ghost hunting, as they say.  Super panoramic 12" long photos, 360 degree spin cameras, 3D cameras, stereo cameras and more!  The paranormal field needs more ghost hunters experimenting with this equipment. 


Add the unique twist of multiple lenses and normally a staggered time exposure on each, and you've got a truly different way to acquire data while ghost hunting!  Usually point, press the button and the picture is taken.  More technically, a 35mm camera changes light variations into images on a light sensitive film.  The multiple lenses with this type of camera will usually be set to a staggered time exposure.  So you can think of this as showing motion.  That is to say, if you took a picture of someone walking in front of you.  Even if you never moved, by pressing the button you may see four or eight in this case, different images of the person walking through the frame.  Unfortunately what you won't find in this type of camera is high quality construction.  Usually heavy on the light plastic, and no additional features that are used by ghost hunters.  No flash, no zoom, possibly not even glass lenses.  This would normally be enough for us to recommend you run the other way from this product, however until another line is produced that offers these higher quality features, if you want a multiple lens camera, that is what you are going to have to settle for.  On the up side, these cameras are not usually terribly expensive which is often appreciated by the ghost hunting investigator on a budget.   


The folks here at and P.I.R.O. (Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization) both keep several 35mm cameras in their ghost hunting tool kits.  One is usually as highest quality that could be found that also still requires manual advancement and rewind of the film.  By requiring this from the user the camera is more or less safe to use with infrared film.  The technology used to automatically advance and rewind the film in most 35mm cameras uses infrared beams.  This infrared technology can potentially cause unusual effects on infrared film. 


These effects can range from fogging, misting, and streaking.  Sound familiar ghost hunters?  As in ghostly fog silhouettes, ectoplasmic mists and unusual streaks interpreted as interdimensional portals.  We've seen and heard it all before and while these claims can not always be determined to have been caused by this, those making the claim rarely if ever are aware of this one possibility from many.  In the case where infrared film was used in a 35mm camera with infrared technology in use, any anomalies found will be difficult to substantiate as anything but a naturally occurring phenomena on the film itself as it interacts with the camera. 


Four lens camera unexplained anomalyPhoto taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Illinois 1998.  Photography by Noah Voss


We here at and the good folks at P.I.R.O. have been using multiple lens cameras on ghost hunts since the late 1990s.  Not just using them, but have actually captured unexplained affects in one of the four or eight frames that doesn't appear in the others! Most are aware what a camera is and how to use the most simplest versions, but the addition of lenses does have a slight learning curve to be aware of. 


You can see that "something" affected the single frame in the upper right hand corner caught on our ghost hunt.  This exposes on a single frame of 35mm film and can be developed at any instant film developer shop.  It should be said that the camera being used at the time of the yet to be fully explained anomaly was indeed purple (not our first choice but back then there were not many options).  Close enough to blue that it should be stated.  These multiple lens cameras are unfortunately not usually of the highest quality construction either.  A cheap plastic shell with if your lucky glass lenses.  The folks at P.I.R.O. still have this image archived along with a few others that picked up some unexplained visual reports.  They also have the negatives to match, and as soon as time permits, we'll get them to send us an op ed on them!


4 lens camera used on ghost hunts

Not just 35mm cameras are used by the folks here at and P.I.R.O..  With the thought that there are many unknowns in our research and investigation we feel that there can be something gained by utilizing as many different technologies as possible.  We use several different kinds of 35mm cameras and film, along with Polaroid cameras, and numerous digital cameras for ghost hunting. 


A specialty camera with four lenses for sale, used for ghost hunting


We even go as far as experimenting with holographic plate developers and antique camera systems both!  35mm Camera for ghost hunting. Learn about and purchase the best 35mm camera for your next ghost hunt!



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