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Flashlight- Flashlights are important to have on any ghost hunt. Ghost hunting is often done at night or in dark places.  As one may expect at least some investigations will be taking place during the darker hours of the day.  Not having a light source is potentially dangerous for the fact that one could put themselves in an unsafe situation without knowing (stepping in a hole twisting an ankle, or touching broken glass while feeling for your way etc.).  Even if planning a ghost investigation of any sort for the daylight hours you can never be certain that you may encounter a situation that calls for some added light such as a basement, cave (we don't recommend unless you are a trained spelunker with proper permissions).  Of course even if you don't go exploring during your daylight ghost hunting investigation one could simply end up spending longer than planned or having night come sooner than expected.  DVR flashlight for ghost hunting


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When choosing a flashlight think about where you are going to be using it.  One that fits the investigations surroundings the appropriately for example, going to be out on a lake then make sure you have a floating and or water “proof” flashlight.  Ghost hunters could find themselves in many different environments.


Having more than one flashlight as well as spares is recommended for the obvious reasons that they have parts that wear out, break and drain.   Some members of P.I.R.O. often use a 6 D cell Maglite tricked out with high watt LEDs.  This set up gives off super bright light and doubles as a an impressive defensive tool.  This large light when coupled with a small pocket flashlight keeps them ready for any dark situation.  The choice of flashlights is large and varied for ghost hunting.  We recommend the most versatile and reliable when shopping for your next flashlight.  Opting for a water-resistant or waterproof model gives one some more security and versatility when in the field but does also tend to add to the price for those on a tight budget.  A good shock resistant model might be ideal.  Look for one with shock absorbent material on the exterior something like rubber trim may help reduce the risk of damage in the event of a fall.  The next characteristic to watch for when buying a flashlight is the light source itself. 


The light bulb whether it be not described on the package (generally a good sign of a lower quality), xenon, halogen or a LED (Light Emitting Diode).  When looking for the sturdiest and longest lasting opt for the LED models.  The xenon and halogen are good quality choices for those not willing to make the change to the different technology (though most here would personally recommend at least trying one).  The LED flashlights also come in a varied colored scheme usually white, red (perfect for lowest impact on night vision), blue and green.  With the casing and light source described, we are now just left with the power source. 

LED flashlight used on ghost hunts


Traditional LED Flashlight for sale on


Obviously there are fancy and way expensive chemical filled flashlights like we saw on some of the X-files episodes but we’ll refrain from going into detail about those right now.  Most of us have disposable battery and rechargeable power sources to choose from at the local store.  The more rechargeable items a ghost hunter has, the more money they'll save over the long run. likes the idea of the rechargeable saving money in the long run and being a bit more environmentally friendly.  The most cost saving change we have made in our own investigative equipment is the investment in rechargeable batteries.  We only wish we had done it sooner!  There is an ideal battery for each specific job.  Due diligence is required to get the intended performance from your battery powered electronic device.


If you have time to shop around some flashlights do offer colored filters that fit the flashlight they are selling.  Watch for a red filter that when used will have the least impact on your night vision while ghost hunting. 


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