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Ghost Hunting First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kit- Having one at the very least could allow you to continue the planned ghost hunt in a much more comfortable state.  There are compact kits that help you to Band-Aid a cut all the way to performing surgery - should you find that important on your ghost hunting expeditions.  It is important that just purchasing a kit doesn'tFirst aid kits for ghost hunting end your first aid duty.  One should be knowledgeable on how to use its contents as well as be basically learned in the science of first aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). 


Many cities offer free or very inexpensive classes for certification in field first aid and CPR.  A good place to check for classes is with your city's EMTís (Emergency Medical Team) or nearest pool staffed with lifeguards, as they are required to be and stay certified.  Also be sure to check expiration dates of all medicines contained within the kit and that the dosage and cautions be with them.  If youíre not able or willing to purchase a first aid kit and have an excess of home health care products feel free to make your own as something may be better than nothing.  Ghost hunters need to be inventive!  Even if you don't have excess we have found that if people take what they have at home and place it in a travel container that it is much more likely to be thrown in the car while going to the next investigation.  When your ghost investigation is done, simply put it back in your house and use the items from their when needed.  If you choose to make your own please take the time to include dosage, directions and expiration dates with every medicine.  Ghost hunters are beginning to travel more so please know the area in which you are traveling into.  If there is a population of venomous snakes for instance be sure to include a snakebite kit (CAUTION whatever the local authorities recommend at the time of your travel to that specific area) and again know how to use it appropriately. 


Moleskin is an often overlooked but important ingredient in any home first aid kit recipe, especially for the ghost hunter who's on their feet all day at work, and all night on the investigation site.  Moleskin is applied to a wound or skin irritation (over gauze) where rubbing may prevent you from continuing in comfort.  There are some new products that perform even better than the old Moleskin standby.  Look for skin named products at your local drug store for some that paint right onto your skin.  These leave your would covered, sealed and disinfected all at the same time. 


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