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Dowsing Rods- Where we typically use our limited resources by utilizing scientific based equipment that provides increased quantifiable and reproducible data points, here at and the Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization weDowsing rods used by metaphysical ghost hunters can appreciate that there are still many unknowns in the paranormal field for ghost hunters to explore.  While acknowledging that no one yet has all the answers we appreciate holding open discussion on what metaphysical tools can possibly bring to the research and investigation of reported paranormal phenomena.  One such tool that has a long history and still noticeable following of users today is the dowsing rod.  Ghost hunting has long been a place where dowsing rods have been used.


Dowsing rods are used by metaphysical ghost hunters for sale

While not just rods, we will start with this the more popular form of divining.  Indeed there are many places across the country that one can open the yellow pages and hire a dowser to locate all types of precious metals, oil, water to even lost items.  Now to many in the dowsing field the fact that this is not an exact science is debatable if not at least arguable.  Our aim with this op ed is not to write a 10,000 word persuasive piece outlining the inconsistencies and potential shortcomings of dowsing.  As with any subjective experience, there are uncontrollable variables that allow any user to interpret the results based upon their specific and universally unique experiences up to that moment in their life.  Dowsing is no exception to the rule, but rather a very clear example of subjective equipment. 

This in part causes the wide spread and immensely varying instructions for not just the procedural use of dowsing rods, but how to interpret the results, along with what type of rods to actually use.  These three broad issues creates a nearly never ending amount of potential combinations that in many cases are un-reproducible, inconsistent, and at best highly inconclusive of anything quantitative.  This is a problem for the professional ghost hunter! 

Absent of specific theories being tested, this equipment could us monitor another variable that could later be used to explain reported paranormal experiences had while ghost hunting.  Learning as much about the environment that our investigations occur in, lends us a greater possibility to notice patterns, or other explanations for any anomalies being investigated.     


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