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Compass- Like we mentioned with maps it is truly possible to get turned around even in familiar places while ghost hunting.  If planning to use a compass for navigation and P.I.R.O. both highly recommend that one be learned in how to properly and fully use one.  Orienteering classes will teach you how to use a compass appropriately and are available from most outdoors recreational equipment stores.  If you search enough for a class you can probably find one that doesn't cost much if anything at all.  Perfect for the ghost hunter looking build upon their skill set.  You will be a more comfortable ghost hunter in more situations if you have this background.


EMF meters now replace the compass for a ghost hunting tool


Now as for the compass being used as a ghost detection device of sorts, well Harry Price may have used this technique.  We have learned many things since Mr. Price's time.  Never personally experiencing any anomalous effect on a compass that was able to be connected to a paranormal experience, we have however heard of the needle moving up to 30° off of north in situations that were claimed to be paranormal in nature [*citation needed].  Presumably the effects of the “ghost” on the compass would not be long lived.  It should be noted that there are many, many things that can effect most compasses.  If you are familiar with EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) meters, one can think of the compass as a simple, very simple version.  For this reason, it may interest ghost hunters to experiment with. 


With that same thought then, any magnetic field will have some effects on the compass.  Not to mention that varying compasses of varying qualities just as with EMF meters will give you different responses.  Of course with most floating compasses one can throw off the readings by simply holding the compass at the most slightest of an angle.  As far as we are concerned here at and the folks at P.I.R.O. the compass is best suited for navigation by an accomplished orienteerer.  Using the compass as a tool for investigating reports of paranormal phenomena is a thing for the history books.     


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We will continually be adding information to the above item as resources permit.  We have started creating some additional knowledge centers on paranormal investigating equipment in general and for the EMF meter.  We have included some links below to start you on your way.  The EMF topic is just to big to capsulate into one single page.  Below are some editorials that range from our personal rants on industry issues, to more scholarly scientific journal type entries, to that of a simple opinion editorial.  We highly recommend that you start at the top and finish in that order at the bottom!  Enjoy:


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