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Ghost Hunting Closed Circuit Camera CCTVs

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Closed Circuit Camera- Using closed circuit camera systems on ghost hunts allows you to monitor multiple sites while creating a central control area.  This viewing of satellite sites (say maybe reported haunted hot spots in a house) lends its self to those who have limited number of people for ghost investigations.  ThisClosed circuit camera systems for ghost hunting technology allows for a central control area for convenience and the ability to record visually and audibly distant sites.  Using a quality closed circuit camera system can give you stereo audio and colored video for our records of distant area’s suspected of ghostly happenings.  There are models that use only black and white with no audio recording that are typically less costly but giving less details.  ghost hunters can also add to these systems, night vision capable cameras with infrared illuminators.  Wireless camera systems are slightly different, but still of great interest for ghost hunting. 


CCTVs or Closed Circuit Television systems can document more than your eye can see!


The wireless options now widely available do create an additionally ease of use during your ghost hunting investigations.  Your images are not secure however.  Anyone in the vicinity of your investigation with a receiver could pick up your video.  This is normally not a huge deal, but if it is to you, now you're aware.  The interaction of the wireless system broadcasting should be noted when taking readings with your other scientific investigating equipment.  One benefit of using a truly closed circuit camera system is the additional distance for most. 


The majority of wireless camera systems available will broadcast a clear signal past a few hundred feet or less.  If you can afford the costs of wire, you can typically run a camera well past a few hundred feet.  Many issues can arise with wireless camera systems when line of sight between broadcasting camera and receiver.  Utilizing a wired camera on paranormal investigations would eliminate these issues.  If you are still getting interference, try upgrading your wires to a heavier shielded rating.


Closed Circuit Camera, cctv systems work great on ghost hunts. Learn more and visit our store for dozens of perfect options!


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