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Bag- Ghost hunting investigations can benefit from re-sealable, waterproof bag.  Normally they can at least be used as an extra container or to place another container in for added security.  Just in case one fails, you have some redundancy so the strange liquid for example doesn't leak all over.  This can also be used as a quick water proofingSanitized containers for ghost hunting evidence system for sensitive ghost hunting equipment if and when the unexpected rain storm happens on your ghost hunt. 

If you are planning on taking samples for further scientific analysis of items found on your ghost investigation, then you should invest in a few sterile containers.  Have a small local clinic?  You could try purchasing one or two of their sample sealed sample containers for a few bucks.  They might even be interested enough in ghost hunting to donate a few.

Sanitized bags and containers are important for any physical evidence found

We don't recommend every novice out there start picking up things on their ghost hunting investigation site that they can't identify.  That would eventually not end well for someone.  For those who are still going to even though we don't recommend it there are some procedures that you could follow to minimize the chance of personal injury and or contamination of a sample.  First, document with everything possible including the location of the sample and surrounding area.  If you can take photographs, and video both and in every direction (don't forget up, for example if it fell off a tree etc.).  Again, not recommending here at all that you approach something you are not fully familiar with.  If you do, wear proper medical gloves (new, never used and dispose of immediately after).  Stop, don't touch it with your hands, use a sterile tweezers, tongs, spoon, or dropper.  Again properly dispose of the grabbing utensil of choice.  Placing the sample into a sealable sterile container.  Then place that container into another.  Redundancy is the name of this game that we still don't recommend for the untrained.  These are some similar and rough examples that can be applied to specific reports of paranormal events such as crop circles.  Ghost hunting can take you many unusual places.  Being prepared for as many situations as possible, will only increase your enjoyment while ghost hunting.

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