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Ghost Hunting Anemometer

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Anemometer- Sometimes also called an air flow meter or wind speed meter, but always a good idea on ghost hunts.  Using this meteorological tool to search for airAnemometer for ghost hunting currents that flow through a room for documentation and mapping of your ghost hunting location.  The natural movement of air in a room can be calculated.  There is air movement in any room produced by heating and cooling systems, the heating and cooling from lights, windows or appliances and cracks or holes in structures that could alter test data, (a bottle with fine dust works also, but can interfere with other data collected).

Multifunction Anemometer perfect for paranormal investigators, Photography by Noah Voss  

The anemometer or air flow meter pictured here has many additional features that is nice if one can make the investment.  The anemometer image included shows the testing portion for the air speed in the upper right hand corner.  It has a hole going through the meter.  Enclosed in the hole is a small fan blade with three fins.  Unexplained air movements have long been reported at ghost hunting locations.  As the air moves through the opening in the meter, the fan blades reflect some of the air, and move from the resistance.  This is then measured by the meter a displayed on the screen to be viewed by the ghost hunter.  We use anemometers because our approach to investigating reports of paranormal phenomena is to monitor as many variables in the environment as possible.  From this we are able to establish a baseline, and watch for anomalies in that data.  Along the same lines, should we be fortunate enough to experience what is being reported to us as unexplained while ghost hunting, we like to know as precisely as much information about the immediate and surrounding environment at the time of occurrence.  We use this data to then watch for patterns to develop as we perform more ghost hunts.  More pieces to the puzzle makes the puzzle easier to solve!  Keep up the good work ghost hunters!

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