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Ghost Hunting Altimeter

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Altimeter- Ghost hunters can use this instrument to measure the height or altitude of most any certain spot it is placed at.  Most of these units give the altitude in a distance above sea level and are a great addition to any ghost hunt.  If you have yet to invest in this piece of equipment.  Take heart as the avid ghost hunter can often find general estimates of height or altitude of an investigation site with the Internet.  Also some folks have some pretty nice GPS receivers that might also share this information if you know where to look.Altimeter used by ghost hutners

This may be one of those items in our ghost hunting gear list that some may wonder why it appears.  Our reasoning for the altimeterís inclusion is one of a scientific manner.  To help the paranormal studies further itself as a measured science one must create that controlled environment or the closest thing possible.  Perhaps impossible or nearly impossible to do in most ghost investigating cases however recording all possible environmental specifics helps watch for inconsistencies or patterns that may help gain insight.  Using an altimeter during your ghost hunt will require added effort if to be used properly. 

Most altimeters necessitate re-calibration when moved substantial distances.  Some ways of accomplishing this resetting for accurate readings may be contacting a near by air port.  Some airports even have a pilot hotline where they record the local elevations and barometric pressures.  Contacting a local television news studio may also yield the correct information from their meteorological department.  Being a ghost hunter takes allot of work, well being a good ghost hunter anyway.  You might even get a news story out of it, if you are looking for publicity for your paranormal investigations.  If you are without these you may attempt your local radio station as they are typically giving forecast for their listeners. To set your altimeter accurately follow the instructions that hopefully came with it, however be aware that if you have obtained your altitude information from any of the above methods know that the closer you are to where they had taken those readings the more accurate your altimeter will be.  

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