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Ghost Hunting Air Ion Counter

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Air Ion Counter- Using an air ion counter on ghost hunts allows you to measures the amount of positive and or negative ionís found in the air.  Once again we feel the need to mentionAir ion counter used by paranormal investigators that in order for the paranormal field of study to become a respected science we must acquire data in that controlled scientific environment or the closest we can get to it.  Knowing as much about the situation and the surroundings lends us a greater possibility to notice patterns, or other explanations for any anomalies being investigated.  Ghost hunting is a long process.  More pieces to the puzzle, well you get the analogy, the easier it is to solve! 


Air Ion Counters for sale here, Photography by Noah Voss  


There are several types of air ion counters currently available for purchase that work for the ghost hunter.  For highest accuracy of your measurements you should look for a few features specifically in your next air ion counter.  First you should have a grounding function on your air ion counter.  This will be a physical feature, that actually connects the meter to a 'ground.'  If you are familiar with working on computer boards, or large ISP servers you will know the drill.  If not, make sure you understand fully the concept of grounding the instrument user as to acquire accurate readings.  See the following image for grounding equipment example that comes with the TriField Air Ion Counter.  The grounding equipment has come Air ion counter with ground used by ghost huntersstandard in the past with this order.  It consists of an insulated wire (yellow in image) along with a male plug adapter, and alligator clip.  In the image it is wrapped around a simple piece of cardboard. 


Air Ion Counter & grounding equipment, Photography by Noah Voss  


The other feature the ghost hunter should consider heavily when purchasing an air ion counter is measurement capability.  In the pictured air ion counter there is an internal fan that pulls a known amount of air across the internal sensors creating an additionally accurate reading.  To purchase a quality air ion counter, you will be investing likely several hundred dollars.  Sorry ghost hunters, I know this is on the expensive side for most! 



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