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Resource Center Cryptozoology


Our cryptozoology center is designed to give you a brief introduction to the area of study referred to as Cryptozoology.   Our next goal is to help direct you to some of the established and thorough resources on and off the world wide web today that focus on Cryptozoology.  We will aim to answer some common question's the general public may have and give the basic background and history for the need of such an "ology". 

Cryptozoology 101


Cryptozoology is commonly understood to be the study of purported animals that conclusive proof of their existence has not yet been found.  Some current more popular specimens in the field are Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Loch Ness and Werewolves.  Some previously listed specimens in this same category to consider are 'Giant Panda' bears, the 'Duck Billed Platypus', the 'Coelacanth', and the 'Mountain Gorilla' to name only a few.  Now that we have shared a bit about Cryptozoology let's make sure we're all saying the word as it has been intended. 


Here's a couple different explanations of how to pronounce cryptozoology, "Crypt_(as in a burial chamber)_o (as in the letter o)_zo_(where you go to see captive animals, minus one o)_ol_(as in 'ol' be busy working on something better for ol when your reading this)_ogy_(sounds like 'O' and 'G' both said 'long') and finally the "y" is pronounced as a long E, or as Yahoo dictionary shows for the more literary folks still reading cryp·to·zo·ol·o·gy.



Cryptozoology History


As previously eluded to there are some now generally accepted animals, some that you can most likely find at your local zoo's that were in the last century believed to be misidentifications of known animals, folklore, and or hoaxes. 


Let's start with the 'Giant Panda' bear unknown to 'western' civilization until 1869 when French missionaries were brought a dead specimen from its home in China.  Still it wasn't until 67 years later in 1937 when the first Giant Panda was hunted and captured alive by western explorers.  Today the Giant Panda remains an endangered species with approximately only 1000 living in the wilds of China.  The Duck Billed Platypus had one of its first dead specimen studied by scientist in 1797, pronounced a fake and later stamped an official animal in 1802.  Most of the previous examples have species that were rumored to be in existence by the locals of each 'legend' sometimes for years, decades or centuries.  The Coelacanth had universally believed to be extinct for approximately 80 million years before a five foot (1.5meters) specimen turned up in a fishing net in 1938.  It's interesting to note that the next specimen was not caught until 1952.  In 1862 some of the first stories of the Mountain Gorilla reached westerners.  It wasn't until 1902 when an army officer killed two specimens for study in the west and the purported folklore became fact.  This is an animal weighing in over 300 pounds that eluded capture for forty years from when western civilization first had reports.  The population is currently believed to be less than 700 in the wild and a history of unsuccessful attempts of habitating in zoos.  For further details on the above information please feel free to visit & or simply follow a Google search with your key word of choice.


Cryptozoology Investigating Equipment

Well we know not everyone has a Cryptozoology Super Store in their town, huh...actually pretty much no-one.  That's just one of the many things we are here for; to help you put together the very start of your investigation kit or update the one you've been using for decades.  Soon we will be placing links directly into this section that will allow you to more efficiently move about the products that may directly pertain to this interest.  Check back often!


Contacting Cryptozoology Organizations

Promenant researchers in the field up to this day-n-age have come and gone.  If you have a sighting or experience world wide you have questions about or would like to possibly have investigated please feel free to contact us through .  Feel like sharing your story confidentially or not, the choice is yours when you visit and utilize the easy online reporting form.  


There are plenty of online forums and chat groups that one can join.  Just check out Yahoo Groups and search Cryptozoology or visit directly for about 90 options.  Joining a few of these groups will put you in communication with any number of people who have taken another step forward with their interest into cryptozoology.  Even if you choose not to post (Email in your thoughts to the group) you may learn allot by what is commonly referred to as 'lurking' (not posting but just reading others posts).  Nothing wrong with it as it has been our experience those who talk less and listen more in life typically learn more also.




Cryptozoological News


The Cryptozoology Newswire From

Newest Bigfoot video on TV

WINNIPEG -- The Bigfoot video shot by a northern Manitoba man a few weeks ago will air on the American TV show A Current Affair tomorrow night.

Skunk apes

Florida author explores the offbeat critters and characters (real or not) that litter the state‘s history.

Bigfoot Sighting In Canada

There has been a Bigfoot sighting in northern Manitoba.

The Real Mothman Prophecies

If you believe in Bigfoot and Chupacabra, then the tale of the Mothman might be as captivating to you as the original cast of Baywatch.

“Hollywood Actor Finds his Future in the Arms of Sasquatch”

Not too long ago, Robert McRay was a successful actor in Hollywood. He was both a series regular on television (Conans sidekick on the action/adventure series), and a main villain in feature films. Nowadays, trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive former actor is about as easy as spotting a Bigfoot.


While we finish compiling and authoring pieces specific to this topic check out what we've completed so far in the following opinion editorials by industry leaders.

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