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World Environment


On the “World Environment” page you will find the sun’s daily solar x-ray activity level and geomagnetic field status.  There is a search bar that can be used to forecast your local weather anywhere on the world.  Information regarding up to date volcanic and seismic activity including addresses for real-time maps is also available for your research.  With the moon phase finder below you are able to go back two years through the archives provided and eighteen years into the future for a forecasted moon phase.  Check out what's new on the front of biology in the United States on our "Biology Front" section.  The "Water" area below has many pages listed that will keep you informed on numerous issues effected by water.  Astrological predictions and maps will be added soon.  All of this information may be vital in your current or future investigations, perhaps allowing you to find a pattern or a less obvious answer for your phenomena of interest.  




Solar X-ray & Geomagnetic Field Monitor

The different levels of the solar X-ray status monitor alert you to the current levels of activity being recorded.  This information is updated often to keep you on the front of any changing situation.  It gets a bit confusing but the monitor is informing you of the average activity level for the past 24 hours.  It gets updated information from the “GOES 8” and “GOES 10” satellites and analyzes wavelength data from 5 minute long readings taken by those two satellites.  Okay so if that makes no sense try this.  Start to finish, These two satellites monitor their surroundings for X-rays.  They record the data and send back five minute pieces of this recorded data to ground control.  They analyze these five-minute pieces and compare it to the past 24 hours of the previous data sent by the satellites and come up with an average.  They end up releasing the information through NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and SEC (Space Environment Center) whom have come up with the five different levels of X-ray activity.  These fine people update the status monitor you find below.  Do not be intimidated, there is a lot of technical jargon to follow and I’ll do my best to explain it a couple of different ways.  First of all there are five different classes or levels of warnings below that the “Solar X-rays” monitor below will show.  Think of them, if you will like that of the different levels of earthquake magnitudes that we’ve become familiar with over the 5 o’clock news alone.  We know that a magnitude 6 earthquake centered in downtown SanFran would be very devastating indeed.  We know there are earthquakes on a daily basis in the same SanFran area however their magnitude is so slight that they are only felt by the most sensitive equipment but are present none the less.  Now if earthquakes aren’t your thing then compare these five different classes or levels as different tornado ratings with the “F” scale or with the new home land security alerts that there putting into place with different colors and names.  Now as for all of those fancy looking abbreviations and numbers in the parentheses it’s just a mathematical formula of sorts.  First of all it’s measuring a solar flare, if your not familiar with what that is then take a look at the paragraph after the meter just before the squiggle line page break.  In that section I have gone further into depth on the Sun and its process’s. 

For those of you still with me or just returning from there short read on solar flares and the Sun we will start left go right and use the Normal class or level below as our example.  But first a quick vocabularies lesson.  An angstrom is a unit of length used by astronomers and quantum physicists alike to measure very short distances.  One angstrom is equal to .0000001 millimeter.  They apply this unit of measurement to radiant energy or wavelengths in general and for our current topic, X-rays from the Sun.  The formula you will find after Normal title below is I<1.00e-6 W/m^2.  Like I said left to right that formula could also read, (the most intense solar flare (I) was less than (<) one angstrom (1.00e-6) watts per meter squared (W/m^2).  As far as our monitor is concerned the I is the highest most intense point of any solar flare observed during the last 24 hours only was less than (<) or greater than (>) the formula immediately following the particular sign.  The following is a key for your reference and ease of use with the monitor below.  


NORMAL  When the status monitor below reads this there is a solar X-ray flux of (I< 1.00e-6 W/m^2)


ACTIVE  When the status monitor below reads this there is a solar X-ray flux of (I>= 1.00e-6 W/m^2)

M CLASS FLARE When the status monitor below reads this there is a solar X-ray flux of (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-5 W/m^2)


M CLASS FLARE! When the status monitor below reads this there is a solar X-ray flux of (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-4 W/m^2)


MEGA FLARE! When the status monitor below reads this there is a solar X-ray flux of (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-3 W/m^2)



Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:






QUIET When the “Geomagnetic Storm” status monitor above reads this there is a quiet geomagnetic field (Kp<4)

UNSETTLED When the “Geomagnetic Storm” status monitor above reads this the geomagnetic field has been unsettled (Kp=4)

STORM! When the “Geomagnetic Storm” status monitor above reads this a geomagnetic storm has occurred (Kp>4)


The “Geomagnetic Field” monitor above reports data collected from ground-based magnetometers (a scientific piece of equipment that is sensitive to the electromagnetic fields found on Earth) at Meanook, Canada; Sitka, Alaska; Glenlea, Canada; Saint Johns, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Newport, Washington; Fredericksburg, Virginia; Boulder, Colorado; and Fresno, California.  All of the stations in these areas are working in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) on one level or another to bring us this awesome information.  Readings are taken over a three-hour period and any irregularities found in the geomagnetic field are noted.  The irregularities are taken from the data recorded and the highest and lowest levels of geomagnetic activity are noted giving a range to compare to the previous ranges on record.  This irregularity in the geomagnetic field or range is referred to as “K” in the formula after each level of warning above.  The number “4” found in the formula refers to the rating system used by the same monitoring points listed above.  The system devises using historical data from these sites and others a rating system that goes from “0” to “9”.  The “0” on this scale would be a “QUIET” rating on the “Geomagnetic Field” monitor above.  Anything equal to (=) a “4” on this same system would be cause for an “UNSETTLED” level of warning.  Where as any three-hour period with a higher range of geomagnetic irregularities would be greater than (>) that of a “4” on this same scale and would be cause for a “STORM!” level of warning.  All right so you may be wondering what actually causes these variances in the geomagnetic field of the Earth.  Well just in case you were or are now let me explain. 


If you read the section just above the actual monitor about the solar x-ray’s you will remember that the Sun is releasing many things as a by-product of its nuclear fusion.  One of which is x-rays.  These ultraviolet wavelengths collide with the Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere.   When this radiation from the Sun reaches the Earth it alters the magnetic field and the upper atmospheres of the Earth from their normal or average state.  So the two levels of the monitor above “Solar X-ray” and “Geomagnetic Field” are directly related in a cause and affect symbiotic relationship. 


A bit more about Solar Flares and the Sun

Okay so let’s start with some basics.  The Sun is responsible for altering a many obvious thing on the Earth and many more not so “obvious” things.  The distance between the Sun and the Earth changes on many levels with the Earth’s rotation and orbit but for now we’ll just take the average distance between the two.  The Sun is 92,600,000 miles from the Earth on average and has a temperature of 27 million degrees Ferrinhieght at the core. 


The next section of the Sun from the core is the radiative layer followed by the convection layer and then finally the photosphere.  The photosphere layer is what is seen with the unaided eye here on Earth.  From the photosphere we next have the chromosphere normally only seen by the naked eye during full solar eclipses.  Lastly the Sun has corona which contains the sixth and seventh layer of the Sun.  The inner corona sometimes referred to as the halo pushes several million miles our from the photosphere and is actually higher in temperature, not bad for a 5 billion year old star.  The next and last defined layer of the Sun is the outer corona or outer halo which protrudes far past the Earth into space. 


The source of the Sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion a process of two atoms become one, releasing large amounts of energy.  The composition of the Sun is mostly made up of Hydrogen, just over 92% to be precise.  The next element found in the Sun in a notable amount is Helium weighing in at nearly 8%.  The rest of the composition of the Sun falling into the hundredths of one percent is as follows from greatest to least quantity; Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Neon, Iron, Silicon, Magnesium and Sulfur.  It stands to be said that as with any fire it needs a fuel.  The amount of fuel left on the Sun is a recourse that is not being re-filled by any natural means other than the fairly often comet and asteroid getting pulled in.  The amount of Hydrogen left to burn will allow the Sun to continue for another 4.5 billion years.  Seems like a long time indeed to most of us but when considering that the Sun is around 5 billion years old we may sense a new urgency with the Sun being already half way through it’s life.  That’s a bit like just starting to think about planning and saving for retirement when you’re 40, your personal financial planner wouldn’t be proud. 


The X-ray energy is helped along and partially produced by by solar flares, what is known about them is that they are a large burst of plasma from the Sun that is chalk full of electromagnetic radiation.  The largest of which ever recorded was on August 7th of 1972.  Now the part that really starts to effect the Earth is when the solar flare gets pulled back in to the Sun by its gravity.  When this happens it collides with mater found in the chromosphere of the Sun producing many things including solar X-rays.  These are then helped along by what is called a solar wind at a nice clip of about 1 to 2 million miles per hour.  This is just a brief amount of information about the Sun and other astrological objects out there to be digested.  A quick search on most any internet search engine such as Google will give you more results than you could easily research through in a short amount of time.  To find more information like the above please visit 



Just enter your location of interest using your city, state, zip code or country to get a detailed look at current weather and an insightful forecast.  I have found this quite handy when planning an investigation in a new area that requires that I plan ahead with the appropriate gear and equipment.

Of course a scientifically driven paranormal investigator would also see the long term benefits of including much local atmospheric information during each investigation.  This practice helps the diligent researcher monitor additional variables that could lead to a worldly explanation for reported phenomena as well as developing new and testable theories. 


Find the Weather for anyplace City, State or Zipcode, or Country


Moon Phases

Below you will find several fields that when filled in with your relevant information will produce for you the particular phase of the moon.  With this moon phase finder you are able to go back two years through the archives that we have provided and eighteen years into the future for a forecasted moon phase.  Whether your a wiccan searching for the appropriate moon phase to start a spell or a scientist exhausting all possibilities for your theory we hope this service will help. 

View Moon Phases

Year :




Time Zone:

Reference tools for you Forms for your sitefind


Seismic Information

Looking for an up to date global seismic monitor, look no further.  I have compiled some of the better monitor's and websites that I have used and continue to use to stay abreast of any new developments that may be affecting an investigation.


The first web site I will mention is  They have "Seismic Monitor" listed as such on the lower right hand side of their home page.  When clicked on that option you will see a map of the world load that has noted all of the current seismic activity around the Earth complete with a shaded area to show you the current time of day. 


The next web site worth noting is the United States Geological Survey organization  Now this is a governmental agency and hence funded by the United States and its people so it primarily has information regarding seismic activity hear and immediately around the United States.  For a more direct look at a map of the United States, yes including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and its current seismic activity go right to  On their home page first mentioned they have many informative and historical articles and observations about many environmental going ons but it does get a bit more focused on the second address. 


Volcanic Activity

Volcanic activity may not be all that dissimilar on many levels than seismic activity but we thought it would be clearer and more easily researched if separated.


Well just as with the seismic activity we find ourselves coming back to the USGS or United States Geological Survey at a wealth of information under the heading of "Volcanoes" on the right hand side of their home page or simply at  The USGS also has a report of weekly activity that lists the active volcanoes around the world.  This weekly report of world wide volcanic activity can be found on their site.


Biological Front

Wondering why a normally nocturnal animal is continually being seen during the day?  Curious why a lizard typically found in salt water has just been found in your local fresh water pond?  Well I can't promise the answer to these questions will be found at the site below but it just might be worth checking out.  It does try to watch some of the newer and well known outside abnormal influences effecting the biology of the United States animals.  You can find it at



Well given a simple title this section is anything but.  There have been many a theory tying underground water with paranormal happenings.  Whether it be an underwater stream passing under a house creating unusual sounds and electromagnetic fields to changing water table levels increasing the chances of structural jacking or even earthquakes, we feel water should not be over looked on your next investigation. 


The following website at has a many useful tools for you to use.  Including a real time stream flow map for the entire United States at and  Basically these maps show the current water flow rate in "streams" across the country compared to historical data recorded for the past 30 years or more. 


Water or the lack of it is also monitored and mapped at showing you the current drought levels across the United States. 


Hold onto your socks and find out if you should take them off with the next site that informs you of current water table levels  There is also a tool bar that you can use on the top of that page that will allow you to search many, many different topics having to do with your water table levels, flowing quantities in your streams, rivers and lakes to water quality around the entire nation. 


Speaking of taking off your socks before you go in the water, you may want to check this site out before you decide to go in at all.  The USGS has there people busy again watching for toxins in the water at


Ahh yes our good old friend acid rain.  Well, learn all about it and find several maps earmarking acid rain possibly in your area for the viewing and downloading pleasure at


For those of you near enough to the Great Lakes of the upper Midwest and to the east this web site can keep you on the up and up on a monthly basis of their water levels.  Simply visit


Please note that and its associates will not be held responsible in any way for anyone following these address's and encountering problems.  The content of the addresses given are not related to and are not responsible for there management.  We have compiled these links with our information gathered by using them ourselves in our investigations and have found them helpful.  It's not that we don't care it's just that these web sites mentioned are not ours in any way shape or form that we can think of.  We use them and like them for the most part, you may not.  Thanks.


The information contained in this page was researched by the folks at Enterprises typically through years of personal hands on experiences and through the utilization of information from such great resources as, and 


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